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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 84

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My idea of the holy perceives.. no magnificence other than the greatness of Allah’s Outright Presence, nor… authority other than the rumored power of Rasool’Allah (PBUH). [Messenger of Allah] And, about your anger… we are just terrified of the fury of Allah, the Master (Rabb) of the universes. My sword lies on your jugular vein. Allow me to see who will save you now? The Person Who is closer to us than [our] jugular vein… [Surah Qaf; 50:16] Allah Azza Wa Jal. [Allah, the Strong and the Majestic] For you this world resembles some Royal residence, while for us…

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 84 By PTV

 You sound like you are an adversary to us, Beybolat! Remember that you conformed to us. Since you understand them better than we do, then let us know how would it be advisable for us to respond? You are right. I conformed to you. In any case, Alhamdulillah (All recognition is because of Allah), I’m a Muslim. For my obligation. I wouldn’t recognize even my dad as required. However, I could never acknowledge playing out an obligation that will debase my religion. Nor will I serve anybody in such manner so be cautioned! My child. My Osman. Come on, let us know a word or two. my bold. name… Ertugrul Bey’s child. Osman. I never gave up on the Mongols’ down. That is my lion. That is my lion. What is going on in our clan father?  Continuously be this way. You’ve seen the destiny of the individuals who shamed their appearances. Their portion was their red blood on dark soil. Who is this? Why did stand up? you are the Imam of Soviet. [a loving head of a Mosque] o, le is mam. is le. Order Wear t you know who I’m? I do indeed. The extremely one who is killing honest people and… flattening towns to the ground… Alencar. So you’ve known about my standing and my greatness! Assuming that is so. why didn’t you stand up? then? Our religion orders us. . to be honorable before heathens and oppressors. I hose who convey Iman (confidence) in their bosom could never kneel before anybody, other than Allah (swt). On the off chance that we accord our regard to somebody, we do it just for Allah s purpose. Nonetheless, those whose bosoms are without any trace of confidence… wouldn’t motivate us to move even a hair. You could ignore our solidarity our power and our notoriety that has spread past the lines? Might it be said that you fear our fury?

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 Individuals around here are however liberal as these terrains seem to be. However. that wouldn’t be sufficient to attach them to us assuming we attempt it utilizing our power alone. For, they could then start to side up with whoever holds the power They should be attached to us by the spirit bonds. How is it that it could be accomplished? We need to inspire them to leave their religion. Ne should get every one of them to go to and acknowledge Gok Tengri. We should get it into their blood so that… every one of them will hold similar convictions as us. Like that, they will be persuaded that they are essential for us. What is your take? Could this be hard to accomplish? It wouldn’t be simply troublesome! It would be unthinkable! You’ve been taking up arms against Muslims for countless years. Yet at the same time, you didn’t get to know them by any means, Leader. What am I expected to be aware of them? How might you compel this individual to leave their confidence… when they could articulate Shahada instead of giving up to the adversary? [Shahadah – The Testimony] How might you plant one more confidence in the blood of individuals… who will battle to clutch the Qur’an and for the Adhan. . to the last drop of their blood? These individuals brought their confidence into their souls as their shield, Officer Alincak. Is there any blade that can penetrate that protection?

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 84 in Urdu Dubbing

On the off chance that Ertugrul does t bring us what we mentioned… we will annihilate this to the ground and erect our tent in its place Allowed s to check whether Ertugrul would be unfailingly reliable. On the off chance that he doesn’t, everybody will see what I will do then, at that point. You have laid out your request in Sogiit decently fast. Your power is felt out of control. I did t need to shatt r your trust in us. Individuals are scared basically, for the present. Be that as it may, with time, they will become acclimated to your power.

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