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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 85

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[the story of Dispense Khan, 209-174 BC: pioneer behind the Hun Empire] to notice the approaching foe s armed force from a higher place. The foe’s military was tremendous to the point that… [refers to the Chinese army] the Khagan s armed force seemed to be a modest bunch of subterranean insects in examination [Mete Khan crushed the incomparable Chinese armed force in 200BCE] The Khagan s Vizier, standing restlessly behind him and thinking… that the Khagan was thinking about a withdrawal, did homage Khagan and asked him

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 85 By PTV

 he will… come to get you from the spot we will take you now. Imagine a scenario where it does go as expected. What is Alincak pulling a prank on us? Then, at that point, we will at long last absolute Shahadah (the Declaration), my King. I feel no distress in my life my anxiety is our Da’wah. Turgut Bey. This battle wherein such exertion is contributed should not be imperiled. Neither would the world at any point need evil nor would Oguzs be shy of heroes, EvelAllah. my Ruler. Regardless of whether we accomplish affliction today. there will be numerous other valiants.. who will come after us, EvelAllah. Just let Alincak consent to our Bey’s expressions, then, at that point… battle will be our own and Tawfeeq will be through Allah [Divine direction and assistance] In shaa Allah, all that will go as we wish it. Since we have just my pitiful life on our hands, now is the ideal time to put it… to great use in the assistance of this most prominent reason. That will either clear the way to triumph or accomplish affliction. Anything that comes from Al-Haqq, we will readily acknowledge it. Come, we should become. valiants. EyvAllah (let it be so). Pick up the pace. There are a lot more spaces we need to dig. come on For what reason did you make us dig the dirt like moles, Osman? What are we going to plant here? We’re not planting anything Ne are digging these for foes, not really for us. For adversaries? What is the reason for these openings for the adversary? It will be their graves. Could it be said that you are gone off the deep end? Osman? What the heck had you to dig the graves for the foe, presently? They’re simply holding on to go after us like vultures. Where are we going to cover them when we route them? Would it be a good idea for us to stress over it before we overcome them? Quite a long time ago, one of the best Khagans went up the slope…

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On the off chance that Beybolat Bey’s words convey more weight. then, at that point, I will haggle with him all things considered. Check your statement among many individuals, check your spirit while going alone. [Mongol precept about being mindful] Is that all you need? No, it isn’t. Finally, I demand that my sibling Gundogdu be conceded full exculpation And I need that exoneration given as a fixed order. Assuming you want. I’ll send a word to Tabriz, to Hulagu Khan to give you his lofty position. Do you try and pay attention to yourself? Just my Khan can cause me to consent to these terms. I then, at that point. consider well your necessities and my requests, and weigh them against one another. We should see which one of us would reel under the heavier weight.  Since you guarantee to have Keykavus… then, at that point, I might want to see him first. Wear t stress, you’ll see him when you get to where I will guide you. In the first place, you need to consent to my terms… and issue the acquittals I mentioned from you. Do it, so you are not left reeling under that heavyweight. I concur with your terms. Yet, if there are a few plans in the air and I don’t get Keykavus, know that… I will return and level your clan to the ground. Simply rush and get these acquittals on fixed orders prepared for me, Alincak. Since there’s just no time left. Hulagu Khan is anticipating that you should bring Keykavus. Get me the paper and my seal [Tamga]. My Ruler.. at the point when Alincak acknowledges the details of our Ertugrul Bey,

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 85 in Urdu Dubbing

This is Episode number 31 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. Well then, at that point, let me know what your circumstances are? In any case, the blades will be gotten back to my Alps. You will quit demanding the gold you’re later. My nephew Suleiman, whom you put into the prison despite his desire to the contrary, will be acquitted. That is inconceivable. Suleyman has freely defied me. And afterward, he got away from the prison.

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