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Ghazi Osman Episode No.66 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 66 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus osman series start by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode. On the off chance that Allah wills, my Sheykh Lead the way. Come on my valiants, how about we move. Where are you, Bala? Where right? What occurred here, Gonca Hatun? They’ve battled, Pehlivan Dervish. They’ve battled. There is bloodeverywhere. I discovered the pack some place here. There is some fabric in it. In any case, there is no report from Bala Hatun. Bala! These trimmings.

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These are from Bala’s head. Companions, continue to glance around. I’ll return to Kayi clan. I need to discover Selcan Hatun. Alright. May Allah be with you. May Allah be with you, as well. Aristocrats of the camp. Qetin Alp will take you to a protected spot. We’ll take the slopes and arouse the fire of insubordination. Until we dispose of the MongolS/Who trouble our territories. We can’t live on the best stuff available. We’re not searching for a simple life, Samsa Bey. Don’t under gauge us as a result of our age. We actually have the ability to disperse armed forces with our call. You’ve gotten your opportunity for affliction Sazak Bey. This moment it’s our opportunity for a sacred conflict. I trust Allah doesn’t permit us to kick the bucket in our rest. So be it. Beys, kids and hatuns are endowed to Allah first. Then, at that point you, Qetin Alp. Okay, my bey. My beys who remain by me.

Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.66

I give my approval to you. I trust you’ll offer yours to me! We will my bey! Live long, Samsa Bey! Live long, Samsa Bey! I trust the dim spirits’ annoyance. will arrive, Cerkutay. How might you let an injured hatun get past you? Is it true that you are idiotic? You’ll take care of this. Did you deal with it? Leader Balgay. I talented the officers. They’re not a danger to us any longer. Great. What might be said about Osman? What might be said about the laws od Genghis Khan? At the point when I arrived, Osman was a distant memory. Administrator Balgay.

Osman has taken the laws of Genghis Khan and fled. Officers are searching for him. Osman is harmed and alone. We’ll see him sometime, Commander Balgay. Geyhatu should feel that Osman killed every one of the warriors. Send a courier to Konya. Mention to him what occurred as I need. Order is yours, Balgay. For the sake of the spirits’ indignation. Erlik hamn laneti Osman a The scourge of Erlik Khan will be upon Osman. Call Zohre to me. Confess to her to come to me stealthily. Advise her to not tell Dundar. I’ll discover from her. Who disclosed to Geyhatu that I have the effects of Genghis Khan Come on! What are you sitting tight for? Please! Osman! So Samsa has ascended against Balgay! He has taken his dad’s spouses and youngsters to a protected spot.

He’ll go to Falcon Hill with his alps tomorrow. He’s bnave enough to take on a conflict against Balgay. Sufficiently moronic to imagine that he’ll win. Adequately hopeless to kick the bucket with Balgay’s outrage. How does Balgay realize that Samsa will be at Falcon Hill? There is just one response to that, Master Yannis. Balgay more likely than not got one of Samsa’s beys. We should invade a government agent among Balgay’s authorities. I’ll do the important about this, Sofia. Who would you have in care? Everbody has a cost in this world. Or then again a shortcoming. Expert Yannis. Osman has gotten away from Geyhatu’s troopers, Salvador. I’m not shocked. Osman is difficult to deal with. Noone can deal with him. The best way to beat Osman. Is to remove his head. It is the ideal opportunity to take us to. Where he and his alps cover up, Salvador. Ensure that Osman is there when we assault. I’ll lead the troopers. I’ll be with you, Princess Sofia.

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Those are male garments. Zohre! There was blood where we discovered the pack, there probably been a battle. We additionally discovered a portion of the silver articles of clothing from Balals camp. Selcan Hatun, I implore you, lets ask Osman Bey. No one but he can discover her. Osman, my Osman. Bala! ueuuso Bala! She can’t hear you, she is in another level. Drink this. You need to assemble your solidarity. This will not get the job done, stand by a bit. There ought to be some dried meat. She will live, right ? She will be fine, correct ? Daze love. you nearly passed on, however you actually contemplate her. She will live, Insha’Allah. On the off chance that she kicks the bucket, a big part of me will be gone with her. Then, at that point regardless of whether I consume the entire world, my fierceness towards the individuals who did this will not disappear. Like your hand, your heart is likewise solid. An adoration like this necessities a heart like yours.

My valiant champion Salvador. Presently proceed to begin the arrangements. You will be the one to catch Osman. You will take the Genghis Khan’s laws. Balgay ought not go to the assault. Do you get me ? Relax, Master Yannis. Selcan Hatun! It’s not awful news Insha’Allah. Bala, Bala is gone. What do you mean she is gone ? She said she planned to meet with you and I needed to oblige her.. I felt uncomfortable releasing her alone. She proceeded to don’t return, dervishes are searching for her But nobody knows where she is. Goodness, isn’t there anybody that saw her ? We discovered a pack, however what’s inside doesn’t have a place with Bala.

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Advise me, who are you from, Osman Bey ? From Kayis, how would you know my name ? She was muttering the name Osman. It’s you clearly. Who are you from ? They call me Elif Hatun. At the point when you have nobody around you don’t hear your name a lot. For what reason do you hide away far from civilization ? It should be hard being separated from everyone else. I don’t care for individuals, particularly individuals who are workers to others. depending upon others. I got away here years prior, without nobody, discovered harmony. One as well as two are injured, we upset your tranquility mother Elif. MayAllah favor you. You recuperated us. You will leave when you are recuperated and this cavern will be passed on to me once more. A man that is mended from an extraordinary physical issue rapidly, is a solid courageous man. Masa’Allah, you are truly impressive.

I have lost an excess of blood, I need to recapture my solidarity. I should be remaining, there are numerous foes. Furthermore, they are shrewd. It’s sufficient for me in case she is alright, before my eyes. I’m not scared of any battle, with Allah’s assistance. There is no report from Osman yet, right ? No, father, yet relax, alps are careful obligation. He can’t come here. Batur, don’t let your watchman down it’s Osman we are discussing. Uncle! What do you think you are doing ? How might you let them remove Osman ? These. These are my dad’s badge of Beyhood! How could you bring these to your tent?

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