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Jalaluddin Khwarzam Shah Episode 03

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in mendirman jaloliddin episode 3, aycicek rejoices in the arrival of kutlu and pays unique interest to her. alauddin is indignant with his son for no longer obeying his preceding order. sultan congratulates timur melik and the vizier on finishing the venture and asks his son approximately genghis. jalaluddin tells that genghis’s military was uncountable and his spies were anywhere. jalaluddin says that genghis will attack subsequently, however sultan thinks there is no threat due to the statistics they learned from the vizier. jalaluddin all over again warns the sultan of the mongolian risk.

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jalaluddin later says that he saved a lady from genghis’s hand. sultan realizes that jalaluddin fought the mongol squaddies and he receives very irritated with him. sultan alauddin gives his son a prison sentence for disobeying orders and says that no person will speak to him. soldiers handcuff jalaluddin and take him to the dungeon. genghis thinks approximately what jalaluddin did and tells that the female he abducted become a undercover agent. aycicek asks kutlu questions on what came about and realizes that her circle of relatives has died a long term in the past. even as the soldiers are taking jalaluddin to the dungeon, aycicek sees him, however he says the whole lot is exceptional.

Jalaluddin Khwarzam Shah Episode 03 in Urdu Dubbing

jalaluddin says that he got here to the dungeon on sultan’s order and turkan could do not anything approximately it. turkan says that she can keep jalaluddin. service provider behram learns the commanders are below turkan’s manage. kutlu bike is going to the market with one in every of aycicek’s assistants and starts searching out behram. as shirin wanders through the courtyard of the palace, she realizes that there is a hassle between aycicek and turkan. shirin thinks jalaluddin doesn’t like her.

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turkan says that jalaluddin will pop out of the dungeon soon, but one of turkan’s servants says that jalaluddin obeys the sultan’s order and will now not depart the dungeon. turkan cannot recognize jalaluddin’s choice and thinks that he has forgotten who guidelines the palace. kutlu enters behram’s store. behram is amazed to peer that genghis sent any such beautiful secret agent. kutlu says she has come to offer critical news, however Behram says there may be no want to rush. kutlu says that jalaluddin turned into sent to the dungeon by using the sultan and turkan became looking to shop him. behram realizes that there may be a massive trouble between turkan and alauddin.

Jalaluddin Khwarzam Shah Episode 03 Watch Online

Turkan receives indignant at jalaluddin for now not looking to get out of the dungeon, but jalaluddin tells her that he ought to obey the sultan’s order irrespective of what. meanwhile, kutlu motorcycle sends the gift she got for jalaluddin to the dungeon. turkan asks jalaluddin to get out of the dungeon as quickly as viable and start arrangements for marriage. that night time, one of jalaluddin’s brothers visits him and asks him why he changed into appearing by myself. jalaluddin tells his brother that he isn’t always able to information what he’s doing for the country. the 2 brothers start arguing. jalaluddin says he loves each of his brothers, but uzlagshah accuses him of trying to advantage extra energy.

the following day, the sultan orders a few soldiers to be punished, however the vizier opposes this and says that the squaddies need to not be punished. uzlagshah says he’ll contend with this. alauddin asks his son akshah if he can succeed in this job. the sultan then asks timur melik’s opinion, however alauddin’s different son says that he merits this obligation. alauddin asks uzlagshah if he has a plan and starts offevolved to pay attention to him. the sultan thinks for a while and offers this venture to uzlagshah.

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  1. Hassan Kajla says

    When will you upload episode 4 of jaloludin khawarzam?

  2. Khan says

    Sorry to say the dubbing is not correct,, please correct it I have seen English dubbing, wen jalaloddin came back from mongol land the sultan actually appreciated his son but here in urdu dubbing its shown he is getting angry and scared of cengiz. Totally incorrect.. Pls correct it because its changing full meaning of story. A person who was courageous is shown a coward here..

  3. Anas says

    Dubbing acchi hai mashaallah….But
    Waiting for jallauddin episode 4

    1. adminEnifTv says

      Episode Comming Soon

    2. adminEnifTv says

      Episode Comming Soon

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