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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 91

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On account of Allah, we obliterated the obscurity of abuse here… presently the Sun of our equity will be conceived. This blow that you managed to Karacahisar, will not just… shake Nikea however Constantinople, too You said that this victory will open the entryways of significantly more noteworthy skylines, my Bey. Presently I see better what you mean. I said that the lines can’t keep you down, my Bey. Presently everybody will see that, evelAllah. Eyvallah (may it be so), my siblings. The Alps need to keep their eyes and ears open.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 91 By PTV

This isn’t an end fundamentally, this is only the start. Today, we have sowed the seed here. This seed… will sprout, then, at that point. .. will cover the whole world, In shaa Allah. Presently. we will declare our success… with Adhan (call to petition) as discussed by Muhammad (PBUH). O All h SWT Mother. All sisters are taking care of their obligations. They continue watching constantly. Great My little girl, you didn’t get a wink of rest, the entire evening. Calmly inhale, come here. Mother, There is still no report from Ertugrul Bey. I can’t assist myself with yet pondering with regards to their circumstance. My girl, we are obliged to guarantee the wellbeing of our clan… furthermore, to petition God for them to be triumphant. Allah (swt) will help them.

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. EyvAllah (very much done), Bamsi. All things considered, bring our standard quickly And tell different clans the uplifting news of our triumph. As you order, my Bey. Where are you, you terrible canine? Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Lenient and the Compassionate]. Ya Haqq (Al-Haqq – The Genuinely Existing Allah). Ya Haqq (Al-Haqq – The Genuinely Existing Allah). Applause is to Allah SWT. Because of Allah SWT. Because of Allah SWT. Applause is to our Allah SWT, the sibling. He has allowed us to see this favored triumph. Applause be to Allah, my sibling, acclaim be. We will see a lot more lovely triumphs, In shaa Allah.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 91 in Urdu Dubbing

This is the account of Scene 24 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Dubbed. My dear companion stands up I need to embrace you, Titan. It’s not Titan! In any case, Suleyman Shah’s child, Ertugrul!  It’s a snare Kill them all! Haydir Ajlah (Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Best) …

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