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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 19

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What’s more, may it be in your fate.. to go past that entryway . to arrive at far off places in the west, In shaa Allah, Osman. At the point when your sword is done, may it make. the oppressors upchuck their blood, while it’s in your grasp. However, it will likewise spread the equity all throughout the planet, ha? Little girl, where is the neckband that I gave you? Where is your accessory, Nea? How did you manage the accessory. Nea? Father, I’ve lost that accessory. I think it has tumbled off when those men caught us. How is it possible that you would lose that jewelry? It’s OK, father. Relax. Ok Nea, ah Nea! Will I go in s curve of it. father7 Don’t even think about leaving here!

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 19 By PTV

who won’t pay charges will perceive what will happen to him! We will all settle our charges. In any case, there is a conspicuous issue. We need to counsel about it and arrive at an answer. In case there is an issue, this is the way how we settle it. You will do whatever you were told This will be the finish of any individual who dares to challenge our words. The subject of assessments is currently shut. Also, presently hand that thing over to me, Bahaddin. couse. Immediately, Officer Kara Boru.. Hulagu Khan has been after this container for quite a long time. You worked really hard I trust I will be compensated in some way, in return. Try not to stress Hulagu Khan doesn’t let any blessing done to him to go unrewarded. In shaa Allah, our Bey figured out how to accomplish some outcome. In shaa Allah, sibling, In shaa Allah. How could it go, my Bey?

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Al-Haqq – The Genuinely Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy – The Everlasting^Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah)1 Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq – The Genuinely Existing Allah) Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq – The Genuinely Existing Allah) See here Our work has created a diamond. Hello, Masha Allah. There is no legend like Hz. Ali (ra), there is no blade like Zulfiqar”. [attributed to Prophet Muhammad pbuh, at the Skirmish of Uhud] First, recognition of Allah Ta ala. [Zikrullah, surat: 3:191; 62:9-10; 63:9] Then, at that point, the Holly Battle and numerous victories will come a short time later. Your dad has opened the entryway westward.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 19 in Urdu Dubbing

This is Scene number 4 of Season 5 with Urdu Dubbed. Where is Umur Bey? He is drained, he is taking his rest. From this point forward, I will legitimately play out my dad’s obligations. Ilbilge Hatun, I need you to realize that I’m a doctor. On the off chance that you permit me, I will deal with your dad. There is no need. Our Bey will recover in a little while. We won’t let …

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