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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 2

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My Osman what befallen you? Osma My Osman My child what befell you? Osman! My Osman My Osman. My Osmaff Osma My Osma My Osman! My Osman My Osman Osman! My Osman My ‘On Osma What’s occurred? Who did this to him hatun? I don’t have the foggiest idea who did this. They were exposed to an assault. We came with perfect timing to save them Don’t let him lose any more blood my Bey.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 2 By PTV

. Get him to the tent right away. Il^in Hatun you deal with most of them As you request my Bey. Who would do this? Who? Hurry up. Artuk Bey. Savci brings my mending pack. rapidly. Osman! Osma! Osman^Op^n^our eyes my daring heart! My Our; an I My Osman open your eyes , My Bey. Permit me to inspect him, my Bey. Oh my Allah (swt)! Do not let us survive such sort of agony o my Ruler (Rabb) Amin. He is as yet relaxing.

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Bismillahir Rahman Rahim [In the name of Allah swt the Forgiving and the Compassionate] My Osman He is draining fro here. My bold! My Osman Hayme Hatun brings me heated water Right away My Osman Restore our Osman to wellbeing o my Master (Rabb) Brother who js this hatun? Is she a human or Jinn? Is she is a heavenly messenger or a Satan? Where did she come from? In what condition would he say he is Artak Bey? ‘Will you have the option to stop my child’s death? I will place lines in a moment. He will be okay after that. In shaa Allah In shaa Allah. Hayme Hatun. give me a hand here. O Allah (swt) for Your name Al SbaffiBS; eliminate ttt r? hrs?’ heal my kid o m Amin. May you improve soon Those men… what did they need from you? I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 2 in Urdu Dubbing

They have caught us and took us alongside them Father! I am so very tirec^ father! Nea. hang on. my little girl endures. V^e will be saved soon Why do you treat us like that? What do you need from us? You might request that from this filth Of your dad! I don’t have a clue what you are discussing. f realize nothing Let us go! Stop laying Father!

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