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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 46

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He more likely than not followed them. as well. At the point when my sibling follows something, he will not return until he tracks down it. Furthermore, Aybars’ dad wouldn’t return without finding him either? They will see him. will not they. Sirma sister? Those miscreants should feel sorry for their destiny at this point. Beybolat Bey will not return until he finds… those reprobates who kidnapped a little youngster and injured his sister, for sure. In shaa Allah You will see, my sibling will. . set things straight with them for their deeds. such that it will fill in as an illustration to other people. My Aybars would not wind up. like Suleyman, In shaa Allah. Consistently, some disaster or some mishap comes upon us. I find out if we will at any point track down satisfaction. Ok, my sister ah’ There is neither law nor request left any longer Nearly everyone these days is taking merchandise, taking lives, or capturing streets. It is presently not protected around here. If such sort of episodes occurred on the edges of the Umur clan my sibling

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 46 By PTV

would have… consumed everything, flattened everything to the ground, and carried everybody to account. We should perceive what our Territory’s Bey, who has purview over the Sogut’s street, will do now? There is still no news First Suleyman. then, at that point, Aybars. Furthermore, presently. my sister and I target every individual who gives a gesture to Ertugrul Bey. Between you and me, this Kayi clan is breaking into pieces. Please! Deh! Ok. Ok, My child… My child has fallen into heathens’ hands… I can’t stop here I need to get him Simply allow me to deal with this injury. Ok’ Ah’ Stop there, Bamsi This isn’t an ideal opportunity to stop, sibling I don’t have a clue how my Aybars is faring There is no blood running in my veins, yet fire, Secret key for this Scene is 12345. Turgut sibling. In any case. what about you now9 For what reason did you come after me? You believe I will send you off there like this isn’t that right? Additionally, when we became kindred spirits. [by cutting the palms and blending the blood by squeezing them together] didn’t we swear that we will remain together through various challenges?

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All things considered, then, at that point, You accompany me and we’ll slip upon them together If not, you may simply turn and return, sibling There is no returning for me. presently issued neither will you go to that spot. . nor will we go with you. That isn’t the way of dealing with this. How about you need to get it? I won’t toss you into the fire that would thus consume just you, sibling. Is it safe to say that you aren’t my sibling? Stop this vacant talk and accompany me. My child is there. I told you. Some portion of my spirit is there, I said. What sort of fire would you say you are discussing?! My inner parts are as of now ablaze, sibling My heart is tinged with sadness. Is Aybars nothing to us, ha? In case Aybars is your child… he is our nephew, sibling They hold Aybars to bait us there Our main concern is to protect Aybars Anyway how you’re going with regards to it isn’t right, my sibling. All things considered, then, at that point, sibling. release everybody about it how he believes is correct. Since nothing can keep me down, sibling. OK? Hang on there Bamsi For what reason do you continue to be obstinate, ha? Do we comprehend your distress Anyway . is there any good reason why you won’t get what we’re telling you? I let you know that my Ertugrul Bey Ifas contrived an arrangement. Be that as it may if you go there this way. you will demolish that arrangement, and. . toss your child into the fire by your own hands. Turgut. Turgut sibling

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 46 in Urdu Dubbing

I’m telling you. Your words would not extinguish the fire in my heart and soothe me, Sibling, possibly you accompany me or you return Now. assuming even a mountain holds me up. I’d tear it and pass through. . if I run over a torrent divider, I would break it. all things considered., sibling So… try not to keep me down D h Deh’ Come on deh! Come on, the Alps, we’ll follow him. Deh! You show kindness. you have the mental fortitude… be that as it may, I have the power, Ertugrul. I will give you the last

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