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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 5

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Death will be your end. Have a go at me. then, at that point, How about we see who will wind up dead. Father! Father! Are you good? No! Try not to do it* Don t kill that kid A low me Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Ya Chaffee (The Main Healer) Ertugrul Beyr I trust he will recuperate soon Do you know/where this occurrence happened hatun? I explained it to your Alps outside. It occurred at the foot of the Tuma Slope. Kill every one of them. Sister’ They were taking us forcibly And this courageous youngster saved us from their hands. Mold on their courageous kid. Tell me who right? I.lam. Emergency room

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 5 By PTV

. Ertu.. . Ertu.. gruel Beys… Bey’s so .. child… ueuisQ Who is the one who accompanied you. alongside his family? His name is Teokles. As I comprehended he was the principal object of that assault And Osman… in request to save them engaged in something… that was far past his solidarity. My father ought to get some rest now Did they explain to you why they grabbed you. en route.And like steel that can’t be dissolved we will stand against them unshakable evelAllah. EvelAllah. Put the fundamental measures set up. They will not turn around before going to our clan. As you request my Gey. As yoi^prder. As you request my Bey. Osma qeuiso Osma Osman! Osman! My Osman. My dear,

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What will you need to converse with him about? What would you say you are stowing away from us? Tell us. They needed to sell us on the slave market. And where have you been going To N kea We were going to our family members. We will Vvjait here How will we escape from thefh father? Father Are you OK? The detainees are getting away! Run into the forest! Pick up the pace! ? hello’ e moving away Where did this rascal come from. presently? Vou leave first! Be fast! Try not to wait here! Your flight is futile you can’t move away. You run into some unacceptable men. rascal.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 5 in Urdu Dubbing

This is Scene number ONE of Season 5 with Urdu Dubbed. Our scouts. my Bey, they have recognized Mongol’s watching units close to our boundaries. For ten years these degenerates were working together with our Ruler’s canine they have paid off …

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