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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 63

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This is Episode number 28 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. I’ve met with that fallen angel called Almcak. I let him know that I don’t have the gold, and… to take up arms, we are not apprehensive. I accept the previously begun arrangements. What will happen now? Nothing will happen How might you be so calm? I went there and let him know in front of him to come and battle us. Furthermore, you’re here, letting me know that nothing will occur.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 63 By PTV

Alencar will come here. Nonetheless, not to battle.. but instead to arrange. To arrange? I advised you to painstakingly examine the post when you arrive. Have you done that? I have. I surveyed the number of troops we that need and what amount of time it will require… to blockade and vanquish it. I assessed it all appropriately. A Mongol must constantly completely examine each spot he goes. Since we might attack any spot and out of the blue. Prepare everything for the attack on the post, and quick. As you request. Alencar. Administrator Almcak.  I have presented to you an extraordinary request from Hulagu Khan. What does our Khan need to arrange for us? To go to the fort. Indeed, that is the very thing that we were preparing for. In any case, he arranges us not to battle, but rather. . to go to haggle To arrange? Where did that come from? Alencar will come here. To arrange.  Let that be my private business. What is your order, my Bey We will change this request, Mergen? We will change this request from Hulagu Khan over again and convey it to Alincak. Thus, we will keep him from going after the fortification. In any case.  Do you at any point wind around a carpet? No other kind of yarn can be utilized for this. Does your sibling’s Beylik give you the option to show us how to make it happen? I might t at some point care less about yarn or such. Try not to acknowledge it, yet these felt and carpets are not a lovely sight. Undeveloped donkey will drop its weight before the tent, they say [proverb – an inept individual can’t do the specific job] Hello. Masha Allah1 Now the request in our clan relies upon you May Allah help every one of us.

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We might change the request, yet… how might we seal it? The people who informed us about the dispatches. provided me with the seal as well as Mergen. Presently you simply record what I say. Alencar will come to arrange an arrangement. what’s more, you will concur. For what reason would it be advisable for me to concur? So we might cleanse the Mongols from here gradually. For the time being, we ought to just worry about Turkmen clans Until this matter is dealt with… we are not to take part in a battle with Byzantines. Yet, they would be managed, should the need emerge. Therefore, he arranges for us to arrange an arrangement. I told that man Dra os that I will come and annihilate him. directly in front of him. I requested you to arrange the Alps. Presently I need to proceed to arrange an arrangement, as submissively as a sheep. I have never backpedaled on my choice to take up arms in all my years. Would it be a good idea for us to answer Hulagu Khan? Hulagu Khan is Father Paradise s (Gok Tengri) shadow on Mother Earth. [Khan – the agent to took l Ingrid s will on earth His order is… the order given by Gok Tengri Spread the news rapidly. Keep the Alps ready and waiting for Beybolat Bey, being the Realm s Bey will go with me to the post. You will acknowledge the participation with them and subsequently. you will draw near to them. You II make it look… as though you are threatening to me. Subsequently, they would gravitate toward you as well. Then, at that point, we will obliterate them bit by bit] Coincidentally, Chime ringer will go about as our go-between individual, from here on out. Why Chime ringer? He has saved my life. Furthermore, he is somebody who might draw all consideration. I laid a snare Now. it s your chance to catch them in everything right. I’ll do it. Given, he comes here to arrange. Presently. I have another solicitation from you.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 63 in Urdu Dubbing

What is that? I maintain that you should realize… where they keep my child Osman. You will attempt to pry that out of him How might I do that? Plus, how could he reveal such confidentiality to me? I will be here as well. I will listen in on our discussion. Most importantly, pay attention to what I need to say… so you can lose a bunch from his tongue and… spur him into letting you know that. Selcan Hatun. This one is done. Allow me to see. Did you check it completely I did? Here, remove this one. For what reason is

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