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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 7

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And Ertugrul Bey has been both a mother and a dad to his three children from that point onward. Why didn t Ertugrul Bey get hitched for such a long time? The romantic tale of Halime King and Ertugrul Bey was so marvelous and unimaginable. Legends are as yet spoken with regards to it… and my Bey couldn’t look at any other person I presume

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 7 By PTV

Ertugrul Bey. kept himself busy with the State s and his clan s issues and with his motivation. And the remainder of his time… he would just commit to his kids. He never gave an idea to marriage. Masha Allah, he raised tall lean, and smooth youngsters. The stock s prepared If you’ll excuse me I will take it to Osman. Come on my youngsters come on Good on you Aslihan. my girl! Come on. child. pull out all the stops Aybars Come on. Aybars Hah. come on hello. Masha Allah! My girl is very much done. Ashan! Come on my child Aybars. pull out all the stops! Good on you Come on Aybars very much done hah!

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Your writs should be pretty much as solid as a stone. Very much done! You should be pretty much as enduring and strong as a stone! And your developments should follow your strokes. Why did you drop your blade once more? Aybars? *Hf I’m weary of this boring sister A blade isn’t really for me. Oh well well Well take a gander at him How would it be able to be that the child of a Head High mountain does t need to use a sword? I previously let you know father! The sword is yours the pen is mine! Hey, check out his cheeky tongue. Nobody advises you to renounce your pencil. Come on wear t you have two hands? You hold your pencil in one and employ a blade in the other

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 7 in Urdu Dubbing

. What s the matter my Bamsi Head Snow-capped mountain? You unsettled Aybars s temper. Ah my Aktemur Usta (ace) ah* What am I to do with this kid? Rot adapt to his cheeky tongue I wear t need to use a blade give me a pen. he told me. Don’t give him trouble. The country is vanquished by the blade as you say. be that as it may, it is held by the pen. And thus we want both

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