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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 71

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This is Episode number 32 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. Any other way, there will be weighty ramifications for both… you and the two clans Never! I haven’t done anything that warrants an expression of remorse Or more all, I m not going to ask absolution from you. The ladies in the Kilimhane saw that it was self-preservation. Assuming Divan is to be set. so be it, on the off chance that a Kadi is to be called, so be it. Determination is a foe and outrage is a sickness, Selcan Hatun.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 71 By PTV

 It’s no utilization adhering to it. Come on. pay attention to me. request absolution.you give great consideration to my words. I will acknowledge any decision I would be given. Be that as it may, I will not ask for absolution either from Sirma or your sibling at all Then, at that point, more pity for everybody. Give it a decent thought. Not a single one of you heard who was the individual Ertugrul stole, did you? No, Sir. That was somebody we’d never seen. All things considered, what might be said about his way of dress, what did he resemble? Was he dressed as a Royal residence Official, or similar to a normal man Respond to me! He was not a standard individual! That was the Seljuk’s Ruler Keykavus II himself! Fighters, you might leave. So that was Keykavus Ertugrul’s mentioned men from us to steal him. Even though, there is something I wear t get very right. Wasn’t Ertugrul removed from the clan? Didn’t they gather together his Alps and… left Ertugrul segregated, without any associations at all? What’s more, since this was obscure even to us. where did Ertugrul discover that… Keykavus was to be brought from Constantinople?  Do you think there would someone say someone is who is helping him secretly, Sir? I’m certain there is, Uranos, I’m certain. Somebody obscure to everybody has his hand associated with this. Be that as it may, who9 Well, we should discover this. So. how are we going to continue, Sir? Simply think about this well. A man who was being brought by the Byzantines, and was to be… taken by the Mongols however was grabbed by Ertugrul all things considered… is an exceptionally strong key to these grounds. We’ll watch out for him. What’s more, assuming that the need emerges, we will get him.

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As you say, Sir. Ertugrul sent word through his High mountain He needs to meet with me in the first part of the day. We should find out what is it about this time? Alencar went to the Han. So. I’m going there too We could get some important data from him. The entryway! We were upset by the loathsome episodes that have come to pass for, my Ruler. Acclaim be to Allah, you’re in the clear at this point. Furthermore, your well-being is sound. May Ertugrul Bey and his valiants live lengthily. They saved me from the destiny of being a hostage of the oppressors. In the bygone ages. we used to enthrone our rulers. Presently they have degraded our lofty position and our Turban [Sultan’s intricate Turbans rather than the crown] Now what we have left is a small bunch of men focused on battling for our country. Furthermore, to battle against such a major armed force, at that. All that we depended upon has been detracted from us. my King. That’s what how is? We depended upon the quality of our ruler’s Turban and the privileged position. We have depended upon our huge armed forces. It took care of our pride and our self-righteousness. It debilitated our spirits. Furthermore, dropped a drapery among us, and Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala. While, Allah subhanehu we Ta ala mentioned from us to depend upon Him (swt) just [the Most Celebrated, the Highest] What you say is valid. We’ve committed a considerable number of wrongdoings. Furthermore, we are at last taking care of it. Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala’s Benevolence embraces all things. [Al-A’raf; 7:156] For He is never shameful to His workers”, yet is Generally Kind. [Surats – 8 51 22 10, 41:46] In shaa Allah, this sadness we are encompassed in now… will turn into our most prominent strength. In shaa Allah In shaa Allah What is the insight in this, Khodja? Disasters and preliminaries are shipped off recognize… between individuals, such as filtering through a sifter. The frail ones will fail to work out. Truly accepting workers will show their mettle and get by.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 71 in Urdu Dubbing

They exclusively depend upon and expect help from Allah we Ta’ala just [concept of Tawakkul] Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala never deny them of His assistance. [the Most Celebrated, the Highest] Similarly just like the case in the Skirmish of Hunayn. [fought on 26th January 630 CE] Our cherished Prophet, Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam (PBUH), had twelve thousand in number militaries… in the Skirmish of Hunayn [mentioned in Surat at-Tawbah] Some among them trusted that… they were strong and

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