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Ghazi Osman Episode No.13 by Enif TV

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This is Episode No.13 of kurulus Osman. in the previous Episode, Osman Arrested by Gondoz Due to injured Badur. In this episode Osman Learns about Bala Hatun that Bala is kidnaped by Sofia and Company, so he requests Babar sahb to help him. Bomsy Bey Escaped Osman from Qabila and they go in the search of Bala Hatun. When they are on the way they saw Dusrson Bey. Durson bey tells them that Bala is kidnaped and he is ready to fight with Sofia. Osman said to Dusrsun that if he fights with Sofia then they cannot find Bala Hatun. Osman asked Durson to Return to Kalisa. Sofia and Kalanos Wil catch him, and if he doesn’t tell them anything then they bring them to the place where is Bala Hatun. Then Osman with his army attacks them. Durson did so. Osman asked Boran Alp to keep eye on Durson. In this Episode, Osman attacks Yaneez Ghaar and Save Durson and Bala.

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Alishar Asked Nizamuddin about attackers. Nizamuddin said that he does not know about themself. Alishar Torcher Nizamuddin and kill to Sipahi to affairs Nizamuddin. Dundar bey enters in Bazaar and saw blood and injured peoples everywhere. Alishar asked Dundar who can do this.? Gundoz bey said that “it is clear that who is our enemy. Only Commander Kalanos from Qila Kolo Jahsar can do this. Alishar goes to Sofia Qila and Decides to go to Kyi Qabila and asked Osman about Bazaar Attack. they go to Qabila and then Dundar tells them that Osman is not in Qabila.

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Osman Bey with Bomsy Sahb goes to Samsa Chawush Qabila. Osman thinking about Bala Hatun and Bomsy Bey enter in Osman Khaima. Bomsy Bey tell Osman about Love.

Boran Comes to the Osman bey and tells them that he knows the place where is Durson and Bala. Osman plans how to attack them.

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