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Ghazi Osman Episode No.4 by Enif Tv

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This is The Episode number four of Kurtulus Season One with Urdu Dubbing. 

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Clear the way! the excuse of the way’ Clear the way’ Get out of the way’ reply my questions That you’ve saved my life doesn’t matter, I can still kill you What are you doing here Did you kill the Governor What are you talking about As a Turk what are you doing here You nearly killed him Artugul’s son Osman What the hell are you doing? How did you come up here Artugul Chief s son the famous Osman, huh He is skillful like his father They say, “A wolf’s offspring becomes another wolf Do what you have to do I ‘ll take care of him Job 26: [ Bible verse ] Job 26: [ Bible verse ] He puts north in nothingness ” He drops the earth in nothingness. Glorify him 1 The sun and the moon, all the gleaming stars 11 104:6 He wore the headwaters like a dress And the water was position on the top of the mountains total thanks to my Allah is the greatest We also need to find what our master mentioned. I’ve found it IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MERCIFUL Indeed, We have given you, [O Muhammad], a clear conquest” Surah Al Fath [48:1] Thank Allah Now that the Governor is dead there must be a panic We don’t have much time Come on hurry up We need to take him out now Ya Bismillah! (in the name of Allah ) You couldn’t guard your Governor You turned his palace into a grave for him Damn you, Commanders None of you have been like Osman Damn it Answer me’ How could you not take precautions How could you not’ In this palace, there is no traitor who means to kill our Governor Ne were his sons We would risk our lives for him We’ll inquire everyone in the palace We’ll make everyone talk Where was the Governor? With whom was he? We’ll learn everything. He was in his room I sent Helen to his room to call him after I notified our Governor with our offer he took to act. But before I went into his room, I saw Artugul s son Osman leaving his room. What did you say? Are you sure that he was Osman? Yes, sir It was Artugul’s son Osman. Sepoy Search the whole palace right away, Andrias Get all the Commanders into the act! Search for the whole palace! Come on I hear footsteps Don t worry He!ll wake up soon He has a heart that could dare all the world He’ll take care of himself Let’s go You’re entrusted to Allah Let’s go Come on come on hurry up* Run Hurry up to tell the Commanders Osman is in the palace I assure you I will find Osman, and we will be settled down. I told you the stars would help us tonight Commander Kalanoos, Commander Kalanoos’ Osman is in the Sofia s starry room’ Starry room III catch him, Sofia What is Osman doing there The holy assignment You killed our Governor, you bastard. 

What is written in the letter The holy entrustment and the treasure are stolen from the sorcery room It happened in the Yourgoplus1 scene Who did know the place of the room that the secret is hidden, huh How did they learn this, Miguela how Who did this Artugul Ghazi s son Osman A shepherd Turk has spoiled everything’ Osman Osman, Osman Get my horse ready we are going to Kulu Chah SAR Palace Yes, sir What happened to this store Everything’s messed up You can’t even rely on your helpmate God damn you all1 Who are you What are you looking for Don’t take it personally man You II work for us today Let’s finish this Okay, my Chief, The carriage is ready It is time to depart.

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Greeting to the house of God, tough soldier of Jesus Christ I hope everyone could have the power to grip the hardships like our Lord Jesus Christ. All prophets are embodiments of faith It is not easy to be like our Lord Jesus Christ How lucky you are Master Priest to spend your life in an asylum like this left from all the sins the filth out there This is the first time I see you here since it’s my first time here Do you know the face of everyone from your community Our church community is fewer in this age Most of them chose to become a Muslim because of the Turks Old people usually visit here but when I see younglings, I don’t let them go. That’s why I couldn’t recognize you I m looking for a nun She is a very important person for me. If you tell me her name, maybe I can help I don t know her name How could I help you if you don’t know her name?

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Black eyebrows, hazel eyes about this height Son, there must be so many nuns with these descriptions What is that secret of her that made you chase after this nun? I owe her my life I’d like to pay my debt Does she have little freckles on her face I co You re talking about our church’s mary Nevodaka She lives in a shrine out of the city I will describe the place for you Are you sure Look, son. Listen to me carefully now Burchin Enough’ Don’t you see the rage inside you poisons you too First Aybars now his men Who know to what trouble he dragged them now This tent lost its soul, it’s happiness because of him Who knows how many men will die because of him Aygul’ And you are still worried about him.

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