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Ghazi Osman Episode No.58 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 58 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus osman series start by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode. What in heaven’s name! Please, Selcan Hatun! Ensure this fardel (pack) gets to Batur. Osman! I comprehend him now. I get him and why Batur followed him. I believe he’s right. I believe he’s right. Kindly additionally let me know when he hears from Osman. I need to realize that they’re OK. In the event that Allah wills, Osman will do nothing moronic, my sibling. The frantic ones come out better as a bey, sibling. Actually… Didn’t we remain quiet for him to get frantic. Sibling… The ones who don’t endure can’t be a bey He should go through tough spots… What’s more, get past them. So he can be the expectation for our country, sibling. Indeed. You’re correct, Bamsi Brother. Be that as it may, if something awful happens to Osman, I’ll be crushed . Bamsi! Sibling! Is it accurate to say that you are seeing what I’m seeing? Welcome, my bey. Abdurrahman Brother! These eyes saw a great deal of double-crossings. In any case, none of them resembled this one. haven’t seen or heard something like this one.

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Welcome, my bey. What are we going to do? Welcome, my bey. Live long, my bey. Bold men, courageous alps and individuals of Kayi. I’ve waved another banner close to the favored banner of Kayi, that is reasonable to my predecessor Oguz and my dad Suleyman Shah. I need you to think about this first and be pleased with it. ‘ve acquired another greatness to these grounds that vanquished by my sibling Ertugrul Bey, With the assistance of my Rabb, I’m the new territory Bey. Hence, another expectation has emerged for Kayi clan. Long live Dundar Bey! Long live Dundar Bey! Long live Dundar Bey! With me turning into the realm Bey, both in these terrains and in our camp we’ve reached the finish of our interregnum (time between 2 decisions) We’ll work more earnestly. We’ll put forth more attempt. Swindler! wish my Osman will come here in the blink of an eye and take your phony wonder from you, if Allah wills. Selcan Hatun, stand by. This isn’t the time. This isn’t the time. As the Bey of Kayi clan and moreoever as the territory Bey of these terrains I’m sitting tight for the Beys in my tent immediately.

Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.58

As indicated by our custom, we pick our Bey between us. Who picked you? Who put you around there, Dundar Bey? What was I assume to do, huh? Would it be a good idea for me to experience caused new difficulty? The fortune of the Kayi clan has worked by scorpion’s paw. I wish to pass on as opposed to seeing you submit to other people, Dundar Bey. What was he expected to do as opposed to complying, Bamsi Bey? Is it true that he should leave the camp with the oppression of Mongols? We’ve likewise seen the person who he remains against. Demirci Bey, they have level the nobility of Kayi to the ground. They’ve become the bunch of creatures of Balgay. §ahin Bey.

It’s smarter to remain against and turn into a bunch of creatures… Rather than complying and turning into a canine with a rope. Enough! Watch your words Abdurrahman Ghazi! No Dundar Bey No. Abdurrahman Ghazi hasn’t said enough! The historical backdrop of fights additionally compose routs. Be that as it may, it wouldn’t compose untrustworthiness like taking gold from your foe, Dundar Bey. Watch your words also, Bamsi Beyrek! Or then again you’ll lose the entirety of your titles like Bey or Alp. Dundar Bey… My hair brightened when I lost my child. Since we planned to comply… For what reason did we allow our men to become saints? Diindar Bey, Has defiled your whimsical confidence. Anyway you should realize that, Your opportunity will come as well. These reactions are reasonable my Beys.

In any case, the honesty of our way, Is not to be questioned. Saltuk, take this gold to the next Beys. Open it! Come in Selcan Hatun! Would it be advisable for me to walk or creep Dundar Bey? It is clear that you are the lapdog of the Mongol, Your custom probably changed as well. Know your place and words Selcan Hatun! What shows me my place is custom Dundar Bey. Hatun! Obligations of men, legislative issues and request s outside your ability to grasp. Stay out of other people’s affairs, So that I may not make you extremely upset. Gracious! Take a gander at Dundar Bey!

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Is there a fearless like Bey you, Diindar Bey? Kayi clan will consistently be appreciative to you. Quit muttering. I have grand visitors. Avoid with regard to my sight. Bring the laws and the gatekeeper knife. Did you see what I see, my bey? I wish I didn’t see, Konur. He’s contribution himself to a knave… Who assaulted his camp. I accept, he came here to converse with Balgay. He should be stooped down before him. He’s riding his pony like he’s acquired a triumph. What is he doing in that charlatan’s camp? He’s selling my dad’s post. Will he try to do it? Go! The family line of our dad Chengis… comes from the blue wolf which lives in Burkhan Khaldun. I’ll paint my face blue. convey this knife which is a recognition of our dad Chengis… With honor. Try not to turn the alternate way, Selcan Hatun. I have heaps of issues. Try not to exacerbate it. You brought every one of them upon yourself. Whatever I did, I did this is on the grounds that I was apprehensive. What’s more, I was not off-base to be apprehensive.

My brave child is no more. Accompany me Selcan Hatun. I have comments. It’s significant. I don’t have a lot of time. Would could it be that you will advise me? The distress of a kids disturbs a mother in excess of a dad. You comprehend me better than anybody. Take this fardel (pack). Who is it for? It’s intended for my Batur. I don’t have the foggiest idea where he is. You may hear from Osman. You’ll converse with him or see him at last. Advise him to offer this to Batur. Clean garments. Zohre! Try not to say it, Selcan Hatun. I realize what you will say. In any case, your words will not make it any better. Dundar Bey repudiated Batur. In addition, he called Bahadir to come here with his mom. What are you discussing, Zohre? Are Bahadir and his mom Hazal coming?

Watch Kurulus Osman in Hindi Dubbing

Their work and obligations have expanded with me. My Allah help us. Long live Diindar Bey! Long live Diindar Bey! Long live Dundar Bey! Long live Dundar Bey! Long live Dundar Bey! Here. The laws of Genghis Khan is in the tent of Balgay. My Bey, our undertaking won’t be simple. Balgay has welcomed various Mongolian authorities for around evening time. He needs to build his force. He needs to ascend in the Mongolian Dynasty. Yet, we’ll discourage him. On the off chance that Allah wills, my Bey.

How about we go. From this point forward, I’m both the Bey of Kayi clan and territory Bey of these grounds. The dim days have passed. Obligation has accompanied its fortune. Saltuk. We stay quiet since we needed. You to support request in the camp and assemble individuals. In any case, what is the significance of this? I’ve acknowledged these obligations for the fate of Kayi clan. Siblings, Mongolians are more grounded than us. We don’t have ability to manage them. Don’t you actually get it? I need to keep our set up difficult situation by acting brilliant. Then, at that point, for what reason did you take the gold? Would you be able to esteem opportunity? For quite a long time, I’m helping this camp. I’ve never seen a particularly custom.

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