Ghazi Osman Episode No.6 by Enif TV


Greeting to the house of God, tough soldier of Jesus Christ I hope everyone could have the power to grip the hardships like our Lord Jesus Christ. All prophets are embodiments of faith It is not easy to be like our Lord Jesus Christ How lucky you are Master Priest to spend your life in an asylum like this left from all the sins the filth out there This is the first time I see you here since it’s my first time here Do you know the face of everyone from your community Our church community is fewer in this age Most of them chose to become a Muslim because of the Turks Old people usually visit here but when I see younglings, I don’t let them go. That’s why I couldn’t recognize you I m looking for a nun She is a very important person for me. If you tell me her name, maybe I can help I don t know her name How could I help you if you don’t know her name?

Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Dubbed Episode No.6 Online

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