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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 131

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This is Episode number 131 of Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus osman series start by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode.

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They are coming, Togay.Where is Algu?The truth resembles a sharp dagger.A blade leaves one follow, a guarantee leaves a thousand.Forgive me, Togay.I failed.Are our adversaries more astute than you?Ha?Tell me.Tell me.If I accepted that…..I wouldn’t believe you.Alps looked through him, my Bey.We thought he had no spot to conceal it.He must’ve stowed away it some place even Satan would t be able to think about, my Bey.Neither Mongols nor Greeks will actually want to sneak in a needle into my tent.You realize that right?- Yes my Bey.- Yes my Bey.My Alps.You are more intelligent, more courageous and more devoted than Mongol and Greek soldiers.Do not baffle me.EyvAllah my Bey.EyvAllah my Bey.Understood?- Yes my Bey.- Yes my Bey.Go.If we had given them the gold, he wouldn’t have attempted to kill me.But he was ready for that possibility.He will assault us after that incident.Our foes will get more grounded as we get stronger.After each triumph, these terrains will draw in more Greeks and Mongols.We won t stop until we break that circle.We will not stop.Cengiz Khan, who was made by the force of Tengri!Cengiz Khan, who was made by the force of Tengri!May the condemnation of dim spirits be on me if I don’t keep my promise!You’ll pass on Osman!You’ll die!You’ll die!What is your request, Osman Bey?Brother…Take safety measures around the clan and Sogut.Inform Umur Bey and Turkmen Beys.They should expand their precautions.We can’t know where Togay will assault from.We must be on alert.Now……now there is no point of return.Don’t imagine that I pardoned you since I abandoned sending you to Enguru!You went to the Kayi clan without illuminating me and involved Osman Bey in this.Now tell me.Why did you do this?Why did you need to see Osman Bey?What was your intention?I can’t realize you…Why did your mentality against Osman Bey change?I thought I had an obligation of loyalty.I thought bidding farewell was the right thing.Is that all?Nothing else?

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.131

Isn’t the obligation of dedication enough, my Bey?Don’t……ever break your promise.Especially in case it’s with regards to your father.And don’t you at any point feel that you owe something to somebody as long as you have your dad with you.I never considered paying my obligations to you, father.Because I can t.We are Osman Bey’s three hawks.If he advises us to cut the aorta of the world, we will. – We will.We will continue to battle until we transform our clan into a state.We will.Osman Bey is my Bey, Bamsi Bey is my dad, and you are my brothers.I will live for this da’wah until I break my swords and give my last breath.I swear!I swear!I swear!Alps!What are you making a vow for?Did you disregard Aygul Hatun?KONYA Osman beat my courier like a homeless canine and removed him from his tent Now I am asking you, Sultan Mesud.

Don’t you know what that means?Osman raised a red flag…..and Togay will destroy Kayi tribe.Do I need to remind you who let you attack that throne?Of course, Osman Bey made a major mistake.While I am encircled by my adversaries and other Beylics……I can’t stand an uproar at the boundary of the west.I need to rebuff Osman Bey myself.How are you going to do that, Sultan Mesut?Are you going to send your Seljuq armed force on him?An armed force for a clan Bey will be too much…..it’ll cost a lost.I’m sure, you dislike Geyhatus charges to be spent on this.Then?I will welcome Osman to Konya.Do you figure he will not comprehend your intention?He will not, if I welcome him here properly.What are you figuring of?I will welcome Osman Bey here with eye-lighting up gifts.Then what?It’s my obligation to rebuff him as the Sultan.I arranged a dining experience for you.Pheasant will be the crown of your feast.Just as you like, it was cooked in narrows leaf and improved with red plum.Come.Let s talk regarding what I will do to Osman on the way.I got news from my covert agent Dimos in Kayi tribe.Osman terminated that messenger.And Togay vented his outrage on him. I surprised?No.Not at all.Nikola!We had a concurrence with Togay.He said that he planned to take the outcasts from Osman, and I planned to pay duty to him.- So?- He planned to assault my palace if I didn’t pay taxes.What will happen now?I can’t confide in Togay now. – But…You can trust me, Jason.Togay will not assault you.Because we will assault Togay.How?Togay is significantly more grounded with the new soldiers.You realize that also, Nikola.Togays outrage is centered around Osman.We will allow them to cut one another, Jason.Then we will sit……and watch with delight, Jason.We will hit the last strike to the person who stands the last.We will.Ruhlar izin versin…May the spirits permit the…Kara yemin……dark guarantee to be…BdiuHun….broken.a*Soldiers are ready.We are prepared to battle, Dark Shaman Togay!We are prepared to battle, Dark Shaman Togay!Kara ormanlar…For the purpose of dull forests…For the purpose of dim forests…Kara ruhlar. ….of dull souls…Ve kara yeminler adma….and dim promises……and dim promises…May the breath of death be with us.May my dim vow be watered with Osman’s blood.Togay! Togay! Togay!Kan. kan kanBlood.. Blood.. Blood..Night will return to the belly which it has a place to.With the force of murkiness, Kayi Tribe will be singed down.I need Osman alive.He is my dull oath.Our bleeding attack will pause, Camua.To pass on, Osman will sit tight for forty delightful Kayi virgins….to be sacrificed.Why don’t we torch the Kayi Tribe?Governor settled on a concurrence with Sultan, the whipping kid of Geyhatu.He’s the person who will rebuff Osman.You made a dim vow for the blessed family of Genghis Khan.The fierceness of the spirits will be….silenced by me today.Now proceed to carry the charges of Lords with your ruthless nokers.Burn every one of the towns if you have to.Yarhisar Lord Jason. Shouldn’t something be said about him?Leave him to me.You go now.As-Selamun aleykum, My Sheikh.Aleykum As-Selam, Osman Bey.- May your work be simple.- Thank you.- It will be prepared soon, Osman Bey.- Keep laboring, my Sheikh.Still water gets sloppy, Osman Bey.Satan goes after the people who don’t work.

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But Sultan Mesud submits to Mongols.He’s tied hand and foot.Of course, he is.Otherwise, how might rapscallion Mongols go to these grounds and request charges from us?We have the expectation, Osman Bey.Whoever has the work he has the hope.You’re correct, my Sheikh.Now I ought to go to my clan and converse with my Beys.Then we ll all together hear what Emir says.If you’ll pardon me.Osman Bey, child of Ertugrul Ghazi.The triumph you acquired against pagan Greeks drew our Sultan s attention.So it will be suitable to remunerate the Ghazi who made this triumph possible.Now with our Sultan’s endorsement and praise, wear this robe.Seljuks gave terrains to my granddad Suleyman Shah and my dad Ertugrul Ghazi.

And they opened a way for us to establish in these boondocks lands.So we are appreciative to them. We consider their future to be our future…and their motivation as our cause.And we will put forth more attempt to merit our Sultan s gift.And we will put forth more attempt to merit our Sultan’s gift.And we will put forth more attempt to merit our Sultan s gift.Long live Osman Bey.May your fight sword be in every case sharp.- Aameen.- Aameen.Bismil la hirRahmanir Rahim.Enjoy your meaOsman Bey, I see that you keep the practice of our ancestors.If we break the morals,..we will lose our light then.If we lose our light,..we can’t see in front of us.InshaAllah, our Sultan himself will perceive that you are so faithful to our traditions.Osman Bey, our Sultan welcomes you to the castle of Konya.Our Sultan….showed kindness.It’s unrealistic to turn it down.Yet..The danger of Togay who Geyhatu sent on us is still around.He endeavored to murdere me in my tribe.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Hindi Dubbing

Work refines the souThose working for the bread recollect who gifted the bread.For the individuals who know how to see,..everything will help to remember doomsday.We need to work, Osman Bey.Ahi people group implies labor.Your harmony with Mongols went on for a short time.Heathens who couldn’t get the expenses endeavored to kill you.Our life lies in the possession of our Allah.

Without His authorization, it’s not possible for anyone to take our life.You’re correct, Osman Bey. But..We need work for the heathens.Our work is expanding as our fire of fight is growing.Our Alps are sitting tight for the mission all around the country, my Sheik.- Selamun aleykum, my Sheik.- Aleykum Selam.Aleykum Selam.My Bey.Aslanbey, the Emir of Sultan Mesud….is going to our clan from Konya.It appears to be the resentment of the courier arrived at Konya.Goktug.As Emir will be in our clan around evening time, set up an extraordinary feast.As you request, my Bey.What do you figure, my Sheikh?Why do you think Sultan has sent his Emir?Because of the assessment matter or the courier issue?It can be both of them, Osman Bey.

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