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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 65

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This is Episode number 65 of Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus osman series start by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode.

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I salute you.Where are you going, uncle?What is your rush?Don’t you have a duty?What is it?What duty?Are you not entrusted with…watching over Sogut,which was assaulted twice…the first timeyou were too powerless to even consider ensuring it…and the subsequent time, you passed on its kin to fight for themselves as opposed to securing them?Yes, I am.Not anymore.You have been removedfrom your duty.If you’ll permit me…may I leave?Osman Bey?You may.As for you, brother.As Alpbasi…while Kulucahisar wasconquered…while Sogut was being shielded from consuming down…where were you?Tell me, where wereyou. brother?Since you are silent…since you.

Now he is more powerful.The new Kayi Bey is Ertugrul Gazi’s child, Osman Bey!So you don’t need the conflict to reach a conclusion. ha?So you need to vanish between the Mongols and the Romans!So you need to pass on, ha!I will make you drink your own blood!I will!AbdurRahman Gazitell me what you are going to say.What is this?What is this, AbdurRahman Gazi?It’s Ertugrul Bey’s will, Bamsi Bey.Oyy my Ertugrul Bey.BismillahirRahmanirRahim.AbdurRahman Gazihe needed Osman to be the Bey.

agree that you are mistaken…you are.removed from your duty.So be it, brother.So be it.If you’ll permit me…we will leaveOsman Bey.You might leave, Savci Bey.My Osman.My dim Osman.Osman Bey.Now, Osman Bey is thenew Bey of Kayi.Bamsi Bey.O, the folk!The Beylic meeting is over.The new Kayi Bey is…Ertugrul Gazi’s son…Osman Bey!Brother!Thanks to Allah, my Bala!The new Kayi Bey is…Ertugrul Gazi’s son,Osman Bey!The new Kayi Bey is Ertugrul Gazi’s child Osman Bey!Damn it! How?Diindar planned to play a game against Savci..I surmise Savci played a game against him before.If you permit me.Go meet your Bey.Go.Thanks to Allah, my Bala.Thanks to Allah, mother.My Gonca.Thanks to Allah.Osman Bey.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.65

On the off chance that you can remove Flatius from the Kayi clan safe and sound…then I will see whatI can do with you.Alright?You will get what we can do…when Flatius comes toyour palace alive.Then… you will figure out how to show respect.Stay for supper, Monsieur.They are ver> obliging, right, Helen?They came this approach to here to help me.Helen, do I look that stupid?What is their genuine goal?They are after a greater prey.I need to realize what it is.We have a shared objective, we both need to kill Osman.When it goes to the greater prey…I like huge preys.You do.Should I send men after them?Helen… Dear Helen…You should’ve imagined that previously and made a move. Correct? Helen?There will be a genuine mess.A genuine one.Neither abundance, nor poverty!The genuine article is union!And an association implies a state!Hu to the state!This is the state’s door!It can’t be opened by hands!It can’t be broken by minds!Men need fortitude andstrong hearts!May our state live long!

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May the world findthe light with it!May our state live long!May the world track down the light with it!Now the blade that you wear isn’t yoursNow the pony you ride isn’t yoursThe hide you sit onis not yoursThe time isn’t yours!The place isn’t yours!The way you walk on…the dreams you envision are not yoursThey have a place with the nation!May our country live long!Long live Osman Bey!Long live Osman Bey!KayiFamily.comOsman Bey… This Beylic is the practice of Oguz Kagan.It is the spirit of Alparslan…the confidence of Kilig Arslan…Suleyman §ah’s blood…and Ertugrul Gazi’s entrustment.May your Beylic be auspicious.May your Beylic be auspicious!May your Beylic be favorable Thank you, Bamsi Bey.Thank you.Osman Bey, be faithful to the customs.Trust your mind.And let your heartmove you forward.With you,the customs will move forward.With you, the state will move forward.

Now…tell me why you came here.Pope Nicholas Cartos.What does your sacred Pope need from…Osman, Petrus?The same thing with you.He needs to kill him.Petrus…Why would your heavenly Pope be so intrigued by a distant man from him?He doesn’t need him to contact him one day.He needs him to remain where he is.And if possible,he needs him to die.So the Pope has ears in Sogiit.Like he has everywhere.Turk clans will never join behind Osman.Because it will be very dangerous.It will actually want perilous that…we will not have the option to trust you and sit in our houses.We need to help you.Gentlemen… Ears are adequately not to do things here.You need arms.As you know, we have the arms that are useful.Keep your helpful ears, sorry, arms…where they are.Because I needn’t bother with them.So you needn’t bother with us, ha?Alright. Where is your nearest man.Flatius?Didn’t your ears in Sogiit tell you?They did. Sure.And we even made arrangements to steal Flatius from the Kayi clan but..Abduct him from the Kayi tribe?As an indication of our companionship and great intentions.But on the off chance that you needn’t bother with us…Alright.Let’s do it along these lines.

With you, individuals will move forward.From now on, the state is yours May the state be victorious!May the state be victirious!Osman Bey, child of Ertugrul Gazi…don’t fail to remember what yousaid during Bezm-I Elest…don’t fail to remember that before the Rabb, all things considered, The Rabb of Judgment Day…the Efendi of this unending creation.you are nothingbut His simple subject.Osman Bey.This sword had a place with Ertugrul Gazi, child of Suleyman Shah.From now on, you will convey it.And you will be the Commander of the Gazi.May Allah never seperate you from the way of our cause.Aameen!Osman Bey…InshaAllah, you will plant this flag on many palaces, numerous towers.and numerous cities.Aameen!Thank Allah, say thanks to Allah.With Holy Allah’s 99 names, who says “Be”.and it is, and makes us exuberantly pleased with faith.I have taken what myfather depended on me.And I…wear his sword.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Hindi Dubbing

AbdurRahman Gazi…this will has other meanings.Please remember to help our sister Emel for her incredible interpretation. The Link is in the description.You have visitors, sir.Petrus…I recollected you.What ar^you doing in my castle?And what are you after?Let me know.Right away, please.Is this how you have an old companion, Nikola?Friend?Friend? Companion ha?Osman hurt you a bit, I guess.Petrus…you are on the terrains of the Emperor.I encourage you to knowyour limits.Because we don’t care for the Pope’s men a great deal here.Besides…we don’t lean toward the individuals who consumed Constantine over the ones who took Kulucahisar. Du§mammm du§mam…Dostumdur.I conclude who will be my friend.and who will be my enemy.

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That is the thing that it says.Why didn’t he disclose to us that?I posed a similar inquiry, Bamsi Bey.What did he say, brother?He revealed to me that he will follow the sunnah of our Hadhrat Prophet. (ASV) He said, “He (ASV) didn’t leave beneficiaries behind.He said, “I need Beys and the society to choose the new Bey.”He needed Osman Bey to be certain that he was chosen with the…consent of the people and votes of the Beys.He never needed somebody to remain before him and say…If it wasn’t intended for Ertugrul Gazi, you wouldn’t be the Bey.”If it was the case…why did he compose this will brother?As a precaution,brother.He said, “On the off chance that somebody plays a game, you will show this to the Beys…Osman will get what he deserves.

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