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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 09

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You are watching season 4 of Diriliş Ertuğrul series with Urdu Subtitles and this is often Episode number 05. Ertugrul with other slaves has run faraway from the hand of slaver Simko. Simko and his friends are in pursuit of Ertugrul. They leave the opposite slaves for the nonce . Their most precious slave us actually Ertugrul who will make them rich. Ertugrul is running along side other slaves and he’s encouraging them to continue until they get out from the reach of Simko. At some extent Ertugrul tells them that now they will attend their families and their loved ones. These slaves refuses to go away Ertugrul on his own. Ertugrul tells them that this fight isn’t yours but his alone fight. He further tells that his way is extremely difficult that they can’t survive with him. Ertugrul wants them to travel to their families and loved ones but they’re not taking note of him and that they tells Ertugrul that they can’t leave you alone. that they had never believe to urge freedom from Simko’s hand and lose all their hopes but you’ve got just free them from this slavery. Pito says that we will not leave you so you teach us, the way to fight. After their forcely wishes Ertugrul tells them that Simko and his men are in horses in order that they can reach to us at any time. We cannot run faraway from their hands. We could do all at once is to line a trap for them here. all of them wonder that how can they are doing that as they haven’t one sword with them. Ertugrul encourage them that sometimes a stone can become heavy on a sword. the maximum amount stone they’re going to hit, every stone will get them out from the planet of slavery and one step almost the liberty . they’re now making the weapons to throw the stones and set a trap for Simko.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 09 By PTV

Zuljaan is prepared to sell the Bazaar and he’s consulting with the Beys of tribe. Some Beys aren’t considering it proper to sell the Bazar because bazaar is their livelihood. Some are comply with Zuljaan. Who aren’t accept as true with zuljaan are asking that if they sell the Bazaar where will they are going or how they’re going to survive here. Zuljaan offer them to travel back to his elder brothers Sarim and Guldaaro. Mr. Arif is completely afflict Zuljaan statement. He tells the Beys that this Bazaar is that the legacy of our Ertugrul Bey. we’ve not gotten this Bazaar with gold so how we’ll provides it with gold? He further said that if we leave this place and can return then we will abundon the explanation for our Ertugrul Bey. We come here to form these lands, our homeland. How we will revisit where we were with gold only in our hands. Halime us also with Mr. Arif and do not want to sell the Bazaar in any circumstances. afterward when Arif Bey sees that things is getting worse he stands up and tells the folks that we’ve chosen Zuljaan as a bey because he will continue the explanation for Ertugrul Bey but when he has no intention to continue in his path so his beyship is against the law . He demands another council meeting to elect a replacement Bey. Mother Hayma asks Mr. Arif that who will stand Infront of Zuljaan Bey? Then Arif Bey nominate himself for the seat of Beyship.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 09 in Urdu Dubbing

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Aslıhan iş stucked during a new difficulty in her tribe. His uncle Bahadur has intentions to seize her tribe from her and become the Bey of Cavdars. they need to call council meeting for electing a replacement Bey if Cavdars as a person from Çavdar should be the leader, they say. Bahadur attend the presence of Emir Saeditin. Emir Saad ul din welcome him and congratulate him for his victories. He further tells him that he features a prize for his bravery within the battlefield. Bahadur asks what’s that then Saad ul Din tells him about the Hanlı Bazar that Kayış are selling it and you’ve got to shop for it. Bahadur wonders and says to Köpek that how can he buy as he has not enough gold to shop for that. The Evil Köpek tells him that he has set ready everything for him. After getting the Bazar, you’ll also get easily the Beyship of the tribe. After getting the beyship you’ve got to become the Bey of principality. Bahadur becomes Very happy as he’s a greedy and Evil man.

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