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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 11

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You are watching season 4 of Diriliş Ertuğrul series with Urdu Subtitles and this is often Episode 11. Ertugrul has set an ambish for the lads of Simko but there’s not only the lads of Simko but Mihalis also. Ertugrul features a fight with them there and he killed all the lads of Mihalis. Ertugrul wants to ascertain the face of that coward but suddenly his eyes open becuase he was in dream. Pito involves him and ask why didnt you run away and save your life, Ertugrul tells him that this is often not in our customs to go away someone in half way. Pito asks that i’m a thief so you’re doing this kindness to a thief also . they’re talking this, Simko comes and hit Pito on the rear and tells him to remain faraway from Ertugrul an warn him that he already tells him to remain faraway from Ertugrul. Simko tells Erugrul that due to you a great many slaves are died so you cost me an excessive amount of . But we’ll get pur gold after surrendring you to your new owner. Ertugrul tells Simko that the degnerates who set an ambush also will kill you after supplying you with gold so its is best for you to go away me and Pito free and tell me that name of that bastard so i shall prevent from him. SImko start laughing after these words of Ertgrul. He tells Ertugrul that if you’ve got enough power you, you’d not fall under his trap by your own feet.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 11 By PTV

Hailme is completely disagree to the choice of Zuljaan and she or he is additionally convincing Hayma Mother to undertand the the matter caused buy this decision. She tells her mother that if Bahadur Bey buy the Bazaar he are going to be more powerful to urge the Beylik Seat and Aslihan are going to be also in much trouble. This decision won’t only explanation for our suffering but also Aslihan, Mother Hayma replies that Aslihan is her daughter and therefore the bride of her tribe also . except for now we’ve to seek out soultions for our own troubles. Halima is telling to the mother about the disadvantges of this decision, Zuljaan comes into the tent and tells Halima that each men who pays for the value of Bazaar can purchase this even it’s Bahadur Bey, After rthgis Halima clearly tells Zuljaan that She is standing against him on this decision. he’s on the side of Mr, Arif during this matter. When Halima asks Zuljaan about Aslihan, He tells her that she will also accompany them back to remain together with his husband in Kayi tribe, Halima then tells him that she is going to never do that because he has got to fulfill the promise of her brother.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 11 in Urdu Dubbing

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Ares is talking with the Maria who isn’t in senses. He asks her that why have you ever done this to him as he give her a replacement life but she betrayed him. Ares gets a letter from his soldier which is from the Antheus, Ares read the letter and he just attend find Antheus. Maria becomes in senses and Ares aks her about Simko. After this big hit of Ares Maria goes to inform everything to him. She tells her that Simko has an associate and he’s the most one that sends her here install during this castle. His name is Anthues. Maria also tells Ares that she is forced to try to to it. Her brother is kept captive. She also invite help from Ares and she or he are going to be her slave altogether his remainder of life.

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