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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 17

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This is Episode number 09 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. within the last Episode Ertugrul has returned to his tribe and there are some emotional scenes to observe and during this Episdoe he reachs to the Han where Zuljaan is doing affect Bahadur bey within the presence of Emir Saad ul Din and Governor Ares. This scene may be a worthy scene to observe . The face of Saad ul Din Kopek is worth to ascertain when he see Ertugrul alive and fine. Ares already known about the survival of Ertugrul so he was firstly in hurry to done this deal and when Ertugrul reached there the deal was done and therefore the stamp of Kayi tribe is placed on the agreement. Mother Hayma and Halima are sitting within the tent and talking about Ertugruk that once they were thinking that her valiant is under the black soil he was suffering faraway within the hands of enemies. once we are destroying his dreams and his hopes thereon time my valiant was struggling against traitors. Halima tells her mother that now there’s no got to worry. Ertugrul has returned. Mother Hayma remains worry about his younger son Zuljaan that Ertugrul will now forgive him.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 17 By PTV

They are finalising the deal within the Han. Saad ul Din Kopek is defining the points happily to everyone. they’re persuading Zuljaan with their talks that they’re doing everything for his sake. The gold which is that the price of Bazaar brings up to the table. When Zuljaan check out the gold he becomes better off and have a smile in his face. Then Ares tells to finalise the deal now and that they mention the agreement papers. First Bahadur Bey stamped the paper and Zuljaan also stamped the paper before Ertugrul arrival within the Han. When Zuljaan has got to stamp the paper he remembers once they have come to overcome the Bazaar with the soldiers. He remembers everything when Ertugrul tells the soldiers to mention prayer (Adhaan) to show this into an honourable Caravansary. After remembering everything Zuljaan just stamps the paper of agreement. At outside Ertugrul has reached to the Han and other people are very happy to ascertain him. all of them shout, “Long Live Ertugrul Bey”.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 17 in Urdu Dubbin

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Zuljaan stamps the agreement paper and Kopek just give him his blessings. Bahadur Bey and Kopek has an evil smile on their faces. altogether these blessings there’s an tremendous entry of Ertugrul. When Ertugrul enters and step down from the steps of Han, the mouth and eyes are remained opened. Bahadur bey also shocked. Zuljaan is happy to ascertain his brother but he’s frightning due to his mistake. All soldiers surround them. Saad ul Din speaks to Ertugrul that because of Allah that you simply are alive and return safe and sound. Kopek asks him that we’ve burried you within the soil. Ertugrul clears him that he body you burried within the soil wasn’t mine. Ertugrul explain everything to Ertugrul about where he was in the least this point . Ertugrul tels them that he know that Zuljaan comes here to sell the bazaar but those contracts haven’t any validity in my eyes, at all. Kopek tell Ertugrul that stamp of Kayi placed on the contract and Zuljaan tok the gold coins from Bahadur Bey within the presense of the witness. Bahadur starts to speak that as long as I even have this accept my hand with the Kayi seeal thereon , your words haven’t any validity. Ertugrul just get that paper and torn.

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