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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 21

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This is the story of EPISODE 21 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. we’ll settle our accounts with Ertugrul with our swords. and not by diplomacy As you order it, father Until the day we take our revenge on Ertugrul… i will be able to sharpen my sword with my anger Patrol around tribe continuously. Everyone get on the alert. Off you go Hah h h! Samsa Alp Samsa Alp My Samsa Alp My Samsa Alp there’s wounded man. Help me Help me What happened to you? Who did it to you? The bandits The bandits intercepted me on the road They took all my goods, which i used to be taking to the Hanli Bazaar. Don’t leave me to die, I beg you. Don’t worry. We don’t leave anyone to die. Who are you?? Where you come from? My name is Darius. I’m a Christian merchant. I wouldn t want to disturb you in your tribe but. i’m helpless. it might be enough if you bind my wound, give some bread and water. most are welcome in our tribe and at our table. they assert that the Turks are as benevolent. May God protect you. Alps, let’s take Darius to the healing tent, come on. Come on May God protect you’ll God protect you. Go slowly, slowly. Come on. come on Alpamif, what are you doing here9 I brought you greetings from our benefactor, Esma. there’s alittle gift for your services. We are able to sacrifice our lives for Blessed Emir, Alpami§. this is often the marriage gift to Aslihan Hatun from Blessed Emir. what’s this7 a toxic sherbet from which lovers will die, but which can make us rich. After you complete your duty, i will be able to meet you here Then you’ll get not one, but three pouches of gold coins.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 21 By PTV

Each stone that your fingers touch… will only shine if the one that touches it’s as beautiful as itself. This necklace will get even more beautiful on your delicate neck. Emir Sadeddin’s proposal isn’t just an excellent honor for you, except for me also . If this is often the order of our Bey then in fact i might honor my suitor. But if you give me the leave to mention the last word, then… i will be able to not leave my tribe. Qavdar tribe will still be my home Forgive me, Blessed Emir. My decision is final. i will be able to not let anyone, no one, to require you faraway from me i will be able to never hand over on you, Aslihan Blessed Emir, I gave the poison from the priest to Alpami§, as you ordered And he gave it to Esma. they’re both getting to die Superb If you would like , we will prepare to line off on the road, Blessed. No! While they’re breathing their last suffering breath, I will… be taking note of the Qavdar’s tribe beating their drums in desperation I’ll confirm that both, Aslihan, that oath-breaker, and Turgut, too… are both dead Well, what about, Bahadir Bey? Whom does one think Ertugrul will accuse for… the death of his brother Turgut and Aslihan? Alpamif must die, too. When Ertugrul discovers his body . he will learn that he’s Bahadir’s Alp. And he are going to be sure that poisoner is Bahadir Bey, so… he will chop his head you usually come up with the simplest , Blessed Emir. That Bahadir will get his share of Ertugrul s wrath and his sword, as well. Who is he? Where is he from? His name is Darius. he’s a merchant who was on his thanks to the Hanli Bazaar. The bandits intercepted him on the road and reduced him to the present sorry state. He sought refuge with our tribe and that we wanted to assist him, too. you probably did well Eyvallah (thank you). As if it weren’t enough to beat you savagely, they’ve stabbed you too. Fortunately, i used to be ready to attend to the wound without losing much blood. Eyvallah (well done), Artuk Bey. recover soon therefore the bandits reduced you this state. don’t ever ask. They took everything I had. You’re fortunate that you simply came across our tribe, on your way.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 21 in Urdu Dubbin

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You and my mother are going to be there, as well. we’ll establish such a Council, which will be deserve us. Friend and enemy alike will see that we are in unity and harmony. Deh! Deh’ Deh Deh! Turgut, take precautions. Surround him Are you an individual or are you a Jinn? Uncover your face! Or i will be able to cut you with my sword. Tell us then, who you are? As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my Ertugrul Bey. Wa alaykumu as-salam (and peace be upon you too), Atsiz. And, who Atsiz could be , my Bey? what’s it9 I’ve got some important news for you. I’ve caught one among those that ambushed us, on the road. There are things he’s willing to inform you. Where is he? Follow me Come on Alps, let’s follow him. Who is that this , Artuk Bey? he’s obviously one among the assistants of Khidr, Turgut Alp. [Khidr- the servant of Allah, Qur’an, 18:65]. You’re telling me about your State authority, your power, and of gold, but… you can’t even affect one Bey of Principality. Ertugrul cut you right down to size at the Han, ahead of everyone. Once upon a time, I played another, equally good game of chess, right here. Then, there was Commander Vasilius facing me. And he said an equivalent words that you simply just voiced. But he didn’t give due reference to my words. Soon after, Ertugrul took his life. take care , therefore the same thing might not happen to you too. Know that I even have tolerated you for the sake of peace between us and… for our partnership within the Han, Emir Sadeddin. How very generous of you. i do know it had been you who set a trap for Ertugrul and killed his Alps. it i wanted to require your neaorana your oastie, I even have a Shah (the King) ready for that. [from Arabic “Shah mat” “You king is dead”]. you’ll never prove it, Emir Sadeddin. How did you get that scar on your back? Has it healed? you recognize , that wound which you were dealt by Ertugrul’s Alp Bamsi… on the location of the ambush. Emir Sadeddin to form it possible on behalf of me to line a trap for Ertugrul. you were the one who sent that letter to Ekaterina… and if you think that that i do not realize that, then you’re wrong. Your seal wasn’t stamped at rock bottom . But it had been brimming together with your anger. If you’ll allow me, i will be able to offer you a bit of recommendation . Password for this Episode is PrincipalityDress. watch and Enjoy! Thank you!

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