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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 24

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It’s impossible to not envy this love of your people for you, Ertugrul Bey. i’m very curious how you achieve this without losing their confidence. With justice only, Tekfur Ares. Justice is that the treasure which may open the door of peace and every one other blessings. I share this treasure with them. you’re a daring man, Ertugrul Bey. It’s an honor on behalf of me to be m peace with you. However, supposing the peace could end someday… i will be able to be equally honored to possess such a daring enemy such as you . and that i would also wish to see a daring enemy facing me, Ares. Not the perfidious ones who set traps and conceal their faces there is no sense in talking about wars and hostility. Supposing that the peace may come to an end someday… we are kind of people that can handle it by talking this through. you want to know that the violation of the promise given to us, we consider as a betrayal. and that we solve betrayals not by talking, but with our swords. ^Welcome to you. Ertugrul Bey. Eyvallah (thank you).

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 24 By PTV

Is there permission, Aslihan Hatun? are available , Bahadir Bey. Well, Bahadir Bey, is there something you wished to say? I came to congratulate you on your marriage. If there’s anything you would like , you only need to ask. there’s nothing, Bahadir Bey. i do not need a shadow of another gift. My daughter i do know we’ve hurt one another quite lot. and that i too didn’t want that to happen But despite everything.. i’m your uncle And you’re my niece As soon as you arrived to my tribe, you tried to require over my tent You threatened me, and it wasn’t enough, so. . you stabbed Turgut Alp in my tent and along side . your son you showed insolence toward Ertugrul Bey. a minimum of don’t bother me on my happy day. you’re an excellent hatun of Qavdars. Someone of your own blood should be with you on your day . together with your permission, i will be able to do my duty. i will be with you on your day . i do not want it, Bahadir Bey. My grudge toward you remains there. For the nonce , it’ll be enough if you stand back from me and my tent. Now, I even have things to attend to. If you’ll excuse me. The hero got on a winged horse and went where the monster was, at once. The Beast had three heads. A head of the goat, one among a lion and one among a dragon! Hi’ The winged horse flew towards the dragon. The hero slashed with the sharp sword, stop the monster’s three heads and killed him. Then he let his winged horse into the sky. Well, is that winged horse still alive? it’s , of course. Still within the sky But only those that are heroes can see it i will be able to be Alp.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 24 in Urdu Dubbing

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Then would I be ready to see that winged horse? you’ll see it, in fact If you’re very bold, you’ll even ride. i might wish to see it then. No, you cannot see it immediately . Wait, don’t be sad instantly. You know, the winged horse appears on certain days. does one know when it comes? i do know , of course, don’t worry I’ll allow you to know when it comes. can we have a deal? -We do many thanks , my girl many thanks , Esma Hatun. Thank you, Esma Hatun. In shaa Allah, may you employ it in good days, my daughter. May you reside long, Hayme Mother. It’s alittle gift, but it’s from the guts , Aslihan Hatun. May Allah bless you. Masha Allah, all is more beautiful than the opposite . Bless your hands. May Allah be pleased with all of you. For all this point … you didn t leave me or my tribe alone. i do not skills I can ever repay you for hat. What quite words are those, my daughter? We consider you our daughter. And from now you’ll be our bride. Esma Hatun, are you able to pass me that velvet parcel. Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Hafsa Hatun and that i have sewed this dress for you, Aslihan Hatun. it’ll suit you alright . Bless your hands. it is so very beautiful. Aslihan Hatun, it’ll suit nicely. it’ll compliment your beauty. Th nk you Aslihan Hatun, let’s lean it against you and have a glance . Yes, let’s roll in the hay . Let’s see it. Come on, let’s examine it. Ahh, it’s so very beautiful. Masha Allah, you’re shining sort of a moon, my daughter. Masha Allah. Password for this Episode is veryLateEpisode1. Watch and Enjoy! Thank you!

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