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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 31

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Individuals are not getting quiet there and they yell there that how might it be? They won’t permit him to sell the marketplace. As the all individuals are yelling at the same time, Babar requests that Zuljaan account that did we at any point sell the prize which we legitimately merited by spilling our blood up until now, so it is all in all correct to sell it now? When did we at any point flee without a regressive look and leave our martyrs in their graves unvented up until now so it is all in all correct to flee now? Zuljaan stops him from not surpassing your cutoff.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 31 By PTV

Bahadur is sitting in his tent and pondering the future that he will currently be the bey of Cavdar and the bey of territory. Aslihan enters the tent and caution Bahadur Bey that you entered my tent without hanging tight for authorization and you sat in the seat of authority as well. She needs to Bahadur bey pull out from the seat on the double. Bahadur Bey is obstinate there and declines to leave the seat of authority. Bahdaur tells Aslihan that Zuljaan is the new bey of Kayi and presently he will purchase the market and will be chosen the new bey of Cavdar. This is a sufficient story for this Scene. The rest of the Scene you can watch on your screens and the secret key for this Scene is My Ertugrul Bey is Alive.

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In the wake of choosing the Bey of Kayi Clan Zuljaan emerges from the tent as another Bey of Kayi Clan. Presently he needs to address to individuals there. He begins with the name of All-powerful Allah. He specifies the name of his predecessors and his sibling Erugrul. Hel also discusses the tradition of Erugrul, but he is selling the Market which is Ertugrul’s extraordinary inheritance and forsakes the reason for Erugrul. He declares that he will be offered Hanli Marketplace to Turkmen Bey and with that cash they will resuscitate.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 31 in Urdu Dubbing

Erugrul Bey. Zuljaan remains on his choice and he lets them know that he won’t alter his perspective because their way is clear. Zuljaan furtherly lets them know that those who are resisting the request for Bey can head out in a different direction. Individuals are wondering that the clan will be partitioned then, at that point.

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