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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 46

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Artek Bey. Because of Allah (swt)) that… this incredible disease has been expelled from your bodies. Commendation be to Allah. Allah (swt) saved you, first to us and afterward to one another. My wonderful little girl. May you live ]ong, Feed me, mother, May Allah never leave us without you. Who was the person who did this? How could they set out to invade among us? Who was the person who harmed us in our own tent?

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 46 By PTV

Turgut Snow-capped mountain. There is no current proof, for the present. In any case, we will see it. Alpami§ was Bahadir Bey’s Snow-capped mountain. Since Alpami§ is associated with this issue…  my Bey? Nothing has changed with respect to our objective, Turgut. We’ll get back to our clan and proceed with our arrangements for success. You stay here and develop your force for the Beylick. Unite all the Beys. Bahadir is so extremely furious. Be cautious with respect to him. In case he is a fire, he can’t do a lot of damage, my Bey. Wear t stress yourself over us. Eyvallah (if you say as much), Turgut. Eyvallah (on the off chance that you say as much). I will make their lives horrendous for… they set out to spill even the drop of your blood, my Bey. He shamed me and my Alps… in my own clan, before my own kin. I will suffocate him and his Alps in their own blood.

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I will make Ertugrul mourn the day he was conceived. They brought an incredible Bahadir Bey and his hatun in such a hopeless state! To permit them to take even one simple breath is illegal, my Bey. On the off chance that tomorrow they attempt to make that laborer High mountain, our Bey, realize that… I can as of now not set up with that. What are you discussing, hatun? Have I passed on, so he can turn into the Bey? Maybe then letting both, principal tent and my clan be in their ownership… I like to touch it with my own hands. Whoever comes against me, I’ll choke them with my own paws and…

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 46 in Urdu Dubbing

toss their remains to the flesh gizzards The bolt has effectively left the bow, first and foremost. For such a long time, foreboding shadows have been approaching over us. From now into the foreseeable future. a ton of cataclysms will rain on them in streams! At the point when my Sancar… gets back with his Alps… we will hold onto Aslihan hatun s primary tent. Who has at any point gotten away from your hand, so they can get away from it now, my Bey? I will take the lives of the two of them, myself. We should then see who can improve whom, Ertugrul Bey. Some more abnormal is coming Let him pass Who right? Why are you here? The intrepid champions of Jesus All things considered you realize them quite well? I know basically everything about those brutes. I will profit from your insight as well, then, at that point. Authority, the trader will be our visitor till we get the Palace

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