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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 49

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May Allah (SWT) o my Master, goodness my Courier (PBUH). Hello, is wheel repayment over? I’m conversing with you, is ]t over?. We’re nearly there. Along these lines, you will get a child of such an incredible Turk like Ertugrul and bring him here. You are a particularly extraordinary leader who truly merits being a sainted knight. Let us be brief, Marya. Is it genuine what I heard, my Sir? At the point when I get his child, he wouldn’t try to assault my Palace Yet, if he sets out to do as such. he will pay for that with his child’s life.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 49 By PTV

Tell me What did you consult with Bahadir about? Bahadir Bey said… at the point when the opportunity arrives, I will invite Tekfur Ares In my tent. His m intent. Do you know what that implies, Kostas? Bahadir will make an upset and assume control over Aslihan’s primary tent. How might he do that in inconsistency with Ertugrul, Sir? They will shed each other’s blood, Kostas. Isn’t it sufficiently just? Hello, I’m conversing with you! Show me your expert The essence of death! Damn it! MOJJV Hasbi (Allah is Adequate for us)! [Surah Ali-lmran; 3:173] Come on Alps Hasbi (Allah is Adequate for us)! [Surah Ali-Imran: 3:173] Come on my lions, come on my valiants. Exposed your sods and strike at unbelievers. It’s the ideal opportunity for the fight to come. Your blades won’t be sheathed without drawing blood.

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You ought to have seen Ertugrul. He gave trouble to us all. Algigek? Where is Gunduz? He said he was sluggish, Halime Ruler. He likewise took his Snow-capped mountain outfit off. He could never take his Snow-capped mountain outfit off my girl. Where did that youngster go? His cap (Bork) is here as well. No. mother, this is not a promising sign. With your consent, I will proceed to search for Gundiiz. Any other way I won’t be calm. Stand by. Stand by a little, wear t surge, my girl. You go and I will stand by here with Savci. Who can say for sure what underhandedness he is up to now? I will accompany you, Halime Ruler. Algigek, you go to the good look there. Furthermore, I’m going to check the penetrating field

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 49 in Urdu Dubbing

Shush I will bring you joy my Khan” may your local dark mountains never breakdown may your enormous obscure tree never be cut” may your reasonable running streams won’t ever evaporate” may your wing stips never be scored” may your light-dim pony stagger while in jog” [Dede Korkut’s Dua – “The Account of Bugach Khan”] Because of Allah (swt) he nodded off. Savci will be only as old as, Masha Allah. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea of stopping. Masha Allah.

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