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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 59

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You will meet with him tomorrow, as my Head-Snow covered mountain. As indicated by war custom. . you will demand that he surrender the fortification. As you request, my Bey, as you request. The letter I stayed in contact with our Ruler ought to be sent immediately, Artuk Bey. Our Ruler ought to understand that we want to conquer the fortress… before Ruler s equipped power appears here. The Mongol s furnished power is prepared to jump along our lines. In such a situation, if… we demand fortresses from the Ruler s equipped power.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 59 By PTV

how could you react? Darius eliminated my blade, mother. In any case, I got a handle on a stone. Once at the Castle, I have driven that stone into Ares’ eye. Hi, Masha Al]ah, that is my lion Mother, what this youth is examining? He let us in on what he did. my daughter, precisely what he did. That is what I did, grandma. What was your take? I’m Ertugrul Bey s youngster, Gunduz. I’m a Head-High mountain. That is my youngster, a Head-High mountain. My youngster, meriting his father, the Bey the Domain

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. As you request, my Bey. will, finally, crush that Castle over their heads, my Bey. Our Alps take after crazy foals, pawing at the ground in assumption. They are ready for the fight to come, for triumph, and enduring, also. evelAllah. Eyvallah (incredible in them). First thing, we will debilitate all entryways and courses out of the Royal residence. Our Alps will obstruct the road from Nikea and bar the Royal residence’s entryways. Drumroll. You will hold up the eastern doorway close by the Alps. Abdurrahman, you will obstruct the road from Nikea, with the Alps. Gunkut, you will hold up the western doorway close by the Alps. Rests in a catch at your places never license the Royal residence to associate with the remainder of the world. As you request, my Bey. Concerning and the Alps I have repelled previously, I’m… totally satisfied to drop their discipline. y By my Bey my kin Samsa’s heart was burning because of Gunduz grabbing. He was stacked up with lament for missing sending a dispatch to the Qavdar tribe right this minute. Tell Aslihan Hatun and Turgut High mountain to . get Bahadir Bey and come to participate in this current evening’s Board. What about we keep him in our sight. To prevent him to achieve something notwithstanding our great confidence. As you demand, my Bey. Send a dispatch to Ares, too.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 59 in Urdu Dubbing

for just one little child I relied upon you with… to be diminished the puzzling room, gotten by thick dividers and locks? How; Stand up. My fearless and chivalrous officials finished the expense of… such tactless specialists’ mistakes… with their lives, You couldn’t stop Ertugrul, just one single man. You didn t follow my orders. You barely cared about the security prudent steps you should have taken. In addition, by and by. because of you

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