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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 69

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Presently I’ll make him survive the progression of extraordinary losses. I will not allow him to take even a solitary breath. Separation et Impera [Latin: Gap and Conquer] Gap and Rule! Ertugrul more likely than not gone distraught from outrage. Presently he will assault our dividers in a fury

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 69 By PTV

. If he makes such folly. he will achieve his end. Try not to be so certain, Kostas. Ertugrul isn’t so moronic to act in a fury and assault the dividers with his Alps He will grieve his dead Alps and will search for an exit from this loss. Meanwhile, we will give him a lethal blow] How might we do that, Sir? Bahadir Bey. At this point, he has struck the Qavdar clan. This moment it’s the opportunity to utilize him. What are you going to do, Sir? I will bait Ertugrul into a snare with the assistance of Bahadir, Kostas. Think that I’m a bold officer who will go to the Qavdar clan. He will leave through a mysterious section to take my letter to Bahadir Bey. You have joined the Qavdars and expanded our force, Bahadir Bey.

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may your Beylick be honored, may your way be open. May your Beylick be honored, Bahadir Bey! Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Benevolent and the Compassionate].I, Bahadir Bey, the child of Karagavli. I swear a grave promise on the Mus’haf, on our banner, and my sword. [Mus’haf – the first Qur’an book, gathered by Hz. Abu Bakr, RA] On the off chance that I leave the traditions of my country, my religion, and… the way of my more established sibling Candar, then, at that point. for the right of Qur’an and the honor of my banner… may I be cut by my sharp blade. No doubt, I will combine the Qavdars into one… I will breathe new life into our clan and carry it to completely thrive. furthermore, won’t leave from the way of my more established sibling Candar.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 69 in Urdu Dubbing

Acquire Aslihan Hatun here. Aaah! Relinquish me’ Swear your submission to Bahadir Bey, Aslihan Hatun. I would prefer to kick the bucket multiple times than… submit to him once.

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