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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 81

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All things considered. Do we presently have significantly more liabilities in the clan Hafsa daughter Indeed, Hayme Mother? Inform the hats. They are to go to the primary tent, on the double. For the request and wellbeing in our clan… I’ll currently relegate their new obligations. As you wish. Furthermore, I will send the Alps for the attack.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 81 By PTV

Welcome, my little girl. Happy to see You are okay, aren’t you9 I’m fine, Hayme Mother Is Turgut okay, as well? Turgut is well, wear t stress. Shouldn’t something be said about your clan? What’s the circumstance in your clan? The double-crossers have been disposed of and my clan is saved. Gracious, acclaim be to Allah SWT. Applause is to Allah SWT. Aslihan Hatun, I thank our Master All-powerful multiple times, that… you experience endure these preliminaries and difficulties. Much thanks to you, Halime Hatun. Ertugrul Bey came as quick as al-Khidr. [AI Kahf, 18: 65-82] May Allah favor him. In shaa Allah, this evilness will transform into gifts, Aslihan Hatun. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Ertugrul Bey, alongside the Alps… is riding to the Karacahisar post at a full run. Artuk Bey, Ertugrul Bey needs you to send the remainder of the Alps for the attack. My Bey’s structure is my order

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As the Latin maxim says. auribus teneo lupus (“I’m holding a wolf by the ears”) [Suetonius: De Vita Caesarum, Lib. Ill Tiberius, 25] This time, Ertugrul has gotten a major problem, Marya. What’s more, a particular one, that both. his Realm’s Beylik and the Turkmen clans will be broken. Then, at that point, you’ll perceive how that will occur. Presently go to your room and have a rest. Around evening time I will commend the triumph with you. Be in status. When they get off their ponies, we’ll assault them. Ok Ah,’ They tracked down the mysterious section! Everyone to ponies! Come on’ Haydir Aljah (Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah) Allah! Allah’ Haydir Allah (Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq – The Existing Allah) Haydir computer-based intelligence lah (Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah) Allah!

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 81 in Urdu Dubbing

. Sir, there’s still no report from Titan. The present circumstance stresses me a piece. Titan is an extraordinary knight, Kostas. He will satisfy the obligation he was appointed with. Nothing can save Ertugrul from his hand. He will come around evening time, so as not to uncover the mysterious section… in any case, he will send the information on his triumph by a pigeon. Everybody is enthusiastically sitting tight for uplifting news, Sir. All things considered, don’t let your gatekeeper down, Kostas.

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