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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 49

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These terrains were not serene yesterday. similarly, as they will not be tomorrow. However, similar to each fire we’ve quenched up until now. we will splash this one as well. Furthermore, the finish of Dragos and the people who team up with him. is within reach, as well And gratitude to Alincak,

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 49 By PTV

I’m telling you. Your words would not extinguish the fire in my heart and soothe me, Sibling, possibly you accompany me or you return Now. assuming even a mountain holds me up. I’d tear it and pass through. . if I run over a torrent divider, I would break it. all things considered., sibling So… try not to keep me down D h Deh’ Come on deh! Come on, the Alps, we’ll follow him. Deh! You show kindness. you have the mental fortitude… be that as it may, I have the power, Ertugrul. I will give you the last blow. I will do it for the sake of our favored Jesus (Isa, an s). I won’t ever leave Sogiit. . neither to you. nor to your damned heredity O, my God invigorates me to rout the Turks Let me taste the outright triumph.. on the way of our favored Jesus (Isa, as Ertugrul Bey sent you one chest. Get it. Both of you get out. Will I open it? Sir? No, I will do it. Authority Uranos! May you be accursed Ertugrul May God excuse your transgressions my caring companion My bold knight there is a letter in the chest. Alencar has not

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you? I’m good, Ertugrul Bey. Also, when Aybars is found, and… the individuals who did this get what they merit. I will be stunningly better. Beybolat Bey has killed Albasti. Furthermore, we will save A bars in a matter of seconds by any means. Acclaim be to Allah. My Bey. since I heard that Albasti was dead. I wouldn’t lament regardless of whether I was to pass on at this point. I came exactly when he was going to kill Bamsi. Applause be to Allah, that I was the person who got the honor. to vindicate my sisters and Selcan Hatun. Whoever spilled that ruffian’s blood is legitimate (halal) for him. Did anybody realize you were going to Sogut? Sirma Hatun? This was not whenever we first went there, Ertugrul Bey. We go to Sogut with each chance we get. Did you take the youngsters without fail? No, we didn’t. They accompanied us on this outing. For what reason didn’t you take them with you before today? Youngsters were exceptionally troubled. Hafsa Hatun needed them to enjoy some time off in Sogut. What’s more, I went to stay with them. So I surmise they were hanging tight for the children. What’s more, at the point when they saw them in Sogiit, they waylaid them. Did you see their countenances? Did they look like unbelievers? I don’t have the foggiest idea. We didn’t see them. Their countenances were covered.  We should leave, hats. Both, Kayis and Umuroglus .. were harmed by this especially Ertugrul Bey. In the first place, we’ve lost our dad Then, at that point, they snatched Aybars. They assaulted my sisters’ lives. Unless we don’t cut the wings of the individuals who plant the seeds of conflict… there would be no harmony in these grounds for any of us These here are the terrains of an outskirts Bey. Beybolat Bey. Whichever clan settles here… they should realize that they would live on the dirt of fire.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 49 in Urdu Dubbing

All things considered, then, at that point, You accompany me and we’ll slip upon them together If not, you may simply turn and return, sibling There is no returning for me. presently issued neither will you go to that spot. . nor will we go with you. That isn’t the way of dealing with this. How about you need to get it? I won’t toss you into the fire that would thus consume just you, sibling. Is it safe to say that you aren’t my sibling? Stop this vacant talk and accompany me. My child is there. I told you. Some portion of my spirit is there, I said. What sort of fire would you say you are discussing?! My inner parts are as of now ablaze, sibling My heart is tinged with sadness. Is Aybars nothing to us, ha? In case Aybars is your child… he is our nephew, sibling They hold Aybars to bait us there Our main concern is to protect Aybars Anyway how you’re going with regards to it isn’t right, my sibling. All things considered, then, at that point, sibling. release everybody about it how he believes is correct. Since nothing can keep me down, sibling. OK? Hang on there Bamsi For what reason do you continue to be obstinate, ha? Do we comprehend your distress Anyway . is there any good reason why you won’t get what we’re telling you? I let you know that my Ertugrul Bey Ifas contrived an arrangement. Be that as it may, if you go there this way. you will demolish that arrangement, and. . toss your child into the fire by your own hands. Turgut. Turgut sibling,

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