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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 51

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would have… consumed everything, flattened everything to the ground, and carried everybody to account. We should perceive what our Territory’s Bey, who has purview over the Sogut’s street, will do now? There is still no news First Suleyman. then, at that point, Aybars. Furthermore, presently. my sister and I target every individual who gives a gesture to Ertugrul Bey. Between you and me, this Kayi clan is breaking into pieces. Please! Deh! Ok. Ok, My child… My child has fallen into heathens’ hands… I can’t stop here I need to get him Simply allow me to deal with this injury. Ok’ Ah’ Stop there, Bamsi This isn’t an ideal opportunity to stop, sibling I don’t have a clue how my Aybars is faring There is no blood running in my veins, yet fire, Secret key for this Scene is 12345. Turgut sibling. In any case. what about you now9 For what reason did you come after me? You believe I will send you off there like this isn’t that right? Additionally, when we became kindred spirits. [by cutting the palms and blending the blood by squeezing them together] didn’t we swear that we will remain together through various challenges

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 51 By PTV

We can’t track down Aybars without attracting Albasti to us. Really at that time, we will discover… whether or not he is in the fortification. What’s more, Dragos will carry Albasti to us. Bamsi went without help from anyone else my Bey Take the Alps you got with you and follow him. Furthermore, interim. I will throw a snare that will carry Albasti to us. On the off chance that anything happens send us a word. Go on I’ll be going to the clan. How about we go, Alps Get to the ponies We’ll follow Bamsi, hustle along Is there consent, Hafsa, my sister? Come in. Sirma Hatun. How are you, Hafsa, my sister? How might I be? How is bilge Hatun? Is it accurate to say that she is good? Acclaim be to Allah. Commendation is to Allah. Commendation is to Allah for that. be that as it may. I can’t forget about my Aybars. How is he doing7 I keep thinking about whether these rascals plan? to kill fix? Try not to talk like that, Hafsa’s sister. In case that was their aim, they would kill him not too far off They have some score to settle. What score can these beasts settle with a tiny kid? What do they need from my child? It will become known. In addition, we reached out to my sibling.

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This is Scene number 44 of Season 5 with Urdu Dubbed. You will either battle fearlessly close by. for our Hallowed Reason… or then again you will commit suicide on the spot. in case there is the smallest spot of dread left in you Until we pass on Authority Dragos Until we kick the bucket Administrator Dragos Until we pass on, Commandant Dragos. Leader Dragos what occurred here, Bamsi? My Bey. Alba kidnapped my child then, at that point. Babolat Bey came. . also, he killed Albasti. However, my Bey. They removed my child again my Bey. We’re going to track down Aybars. my sibling, They snatched my child, my Bey Keep a quiet head sibling Be quiet. I never kill anybody without seeing his face first. Ok. How could you come to be here? Beybolat Bey? At the point when I heard that my sister Sirma was injured, I went on a quest for those canines. They injured Bamsi, as well. What’s more, exactly when Albasti was going to kill him. . I shot him. EyvAllah (it’s acceptable you did). You saved us all from an extraordinary difficulty. What’s more, you avenged llbilge Hatun, as weW Ilbilge Sirma is the person who was injured. Ertugrul Bey. All e Hatun. alon with Selcan Hatun and the Alps pursued that canine Albasti They were assaulted. Ilbilge Hatun has been seriously harmed. She’s been taken to our clan. What did you say, Ertugrul Bey? I m going to the tribe1 Alps They’ve crossed the boundary since a long time ago, my Bey They went directly to the post. I can’t simply continue to wait around here, my Bey. Bamsi my sibling we will protect Aybars from their grasp In any case, you must show restraint. You say. be patient Yet. it is my kid who’s been stolen!

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 51 in Urdu Dubbing

I’m telling you. Your words would not extinguish the fire in my heart and soothe me, Sibling, possibly you accompany me or you return Now. assuming even a mountain holds me up. I’d tear it and pass through. . if I run over a torrent divider, I would break it. all things considered., sibling So… try not to keep me down D h Deh’ Come on! Come on, the Alps, we’ll follow him. Deh! You show kindness. you have the mental fortitude… be that as it may, I have the power, Ertugrul. I will give you the last blow. I will do it for the sake of our favored Jesus (Isa, an s). I won’t ever leave Sogiit. . neither to you. nor to your damned heredity O, my God invigorates me to rout the Turks Let me taste the outright triumph.. on the way of our favored Jesus (Isa, as Ertugrul Bey sent you one chest. Get it. Both of you get out. Will I open it? Sir? No, I will do it. Authority Uranos! May you be accursed Ertugrul May God excuse your transgressions my caring companion My bold knight there is a letter in the chest. Alencar has not passed on he is in my grasp.” How can that be the case? He is currently just a single bumbling man who has acquired HulagLi’s disdain. At the point when I convey him to Konya. I will get your execution order from the King. come to and overcome your post At this point. I know what your identity is. Also, your turn has come now Suleyman Shah s child, Ertugrul.” So. Alincak isn’t dead, all things considered. Revile it. Damn it all1 Shh As-salamu Alaykum (harmony arrive

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