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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 53

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I’m telling you. Your words would not extinguish the fire in my heart and soothe me, Sibling, possibly you accompany me or you return Now. assuming even a mountain holds me up. I’d tear it and pass through. . if I run over a torrent divider, I would break it. all things considered., sibling So… try not to keep me down D h Deh’ Come on deh! Come on, the Alps, we’ll follow him. Deh! You show kindness. you have the mental fortitude… be that as it may, I have the power, Ertugrul. I will give you the last

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 53 By PTV

that, I didn’t assault the stronghold, however. I put a rein on my annoyance rather than Bamsi. What’s more, I’ve beaten them in their own game. What’s more, we’re obliged to react to what they did, presently to I give you my assertion. we will protect your child, sibling. Come on my Bamsi get yourself together I am myself! I’m myself, my Bey I m in control1 I don’t know about you. my Bey. be that as it may… I’m pursuing my child and I’ll save him from their grasp, my Bey. Until I save him, each breath I take is haram (forbidden) as far as I might be concerned, my Bey… so. I’m going now if it’s all the same to you! I’m going, my Bey! I m going Bamsi! Bamsi! Bamsi! Bamsi! Deh! Come on. This one who got killed isn’t Albasti Turgut. Furthermore, there is no injury on this present one’s arm Beybolat is ensnared in this. Anyway, possibly he is in direct contact with Albasti or he is Albasti himself What’s going through your psyche now my Bey?

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Ertugrul will initially need to consent to my conditions. What are your conditions? Hulagu Khan. won’t allow me to live after this. Furthermore, I need to c et out of here. So Ertugrul . will give me the gold that I mentioned from him. What gold would you say you are discussing? We both know what gold I’m discussing. The gold I have been after is in Ertugrul’s ownership. He will give me my life back… and I will allow him to kick the bucket however he sees fit. Turgut sibling.. my spirit sibling you’re attempting to thwart me.. yet. I will go to that post. I can’t leave my youngster all alone. I will get him back. evelAllah. My Aybars, sit tight for me. Sit tight for me, Aybars. How is she? Artuk Bey? We did what we can, Beybolat Bey. After she had a touch more rest she will recuperate. May Allah be satisfied with you. Artuk Bey. You’ve saved my life after I was harmed. Also, my sister Sirma as well. at the point when she was cut And presently Ilbilge will be reestablished to wellbeing by your hands as well. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah, Beybolat Bey. Everything is at Almihjty Master’s (Rabb) caution. Ilam Hatun. Stock r we nearly lost our sister in that game we played How is it possible that I would have realized that llbilge would be there as well? My men shot her since they didn’t perceive her. They said that it was Albasti who did it. Albasti is their c greatest enemy. So we should put the fault for all of this on him. All e my straightforward and clueless sister. My gazelle peered toward that perceive no snags … no stows away in an alcove or crevice. Is there consent, my Bey Come in My Bey Ertugrul Bey has called Sirma Hatun to his tent? Good You might go, Sibling. what’s the significance here? Our Bey of Territory got puzzled by our ploy. Along these lines, there are questions he wishes to ask you.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 53 in Urdu Dubbing

Commendation is to Allah. Commendation is to Allah for that. be that as it may. I can’t forget about my Aybars. How is he doing7 I keep thinking about whether these rascals plan? to kill fix? Try not to talk like that, Hafsa’s sister. In case that was their aim, they would kill him not too far off They have some score to settle. What score can these beasts settle with a tiny kid? What do they need from my child? It will become known. In addition, we reached out to my sibling.

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