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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 55

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This is Scene number 26 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. Enough of this! He is only a bit of a youngster! How might this fit in any custom, whose heart can endorse this? Sister, enough Assuming you have any score to settle, settle it with me, Osman! I’ll cause you to languish sincerely over this; I’ll take it out on you! Gunduz – Gunduz! We will send you dingy head to that canine-hearted Haulage! I will cause you to endure the fallouts for this! How could you express the name of the Khan overall Khans, Hulagu Khan, ha? Let my sibling be! – No get that one here! Get me the bow! The passing of Bey’s child should be as indicated by the practice

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 55 By PTV

I asked you something! Enough stop! Spare him, please! I wear t know Ertugrul’s whereabouts. Yet, he will see you ultimately. Then, at that point, he will provide you with a sample of his anger! Ok, is that so? Then, at that point, it will be an ideal opportunity to flaunt your boldness. You canine! You, Mongol canine! Let him be, let go of my child! So that is how it is, huh? You were insubordinate and didn’t yield to common sense! Along these lines, I will kill Ertugrul’s whelp] don’t! – Sibling! I will put you and your clan to the sword, every one of you down to the ladies and youngsters. What’s more, I will annihilate everything to the ground Let my sibling be! Administrator Almcak! Ohh… Beybolat, welcome here. Here you are, go to your lord whose canine you play. Kowtow to him well, Beybolat! Stop it presently, listen to me first. There is a squeezing matter I need to fill you in about. Gunduz! – My child! Gracious my b by’ Assuming that anybody among you misbehaves by and by… I will fail to remember my assertion to Hayme Hatun… furthermore; I will allow you to encounter the most disgraceful of passings. Follow me, Beybolat.

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Try not to contact him! Try not to take my courage away, don’t remove him! Relinquish him! Oyo, don’t remove him! We will lead our Military to whatever extent to this space here. Thusly, we will pull half of Hulagu Khan’s Military toward the back r us, toward the north of Tabriz [The Berke-Hulagu war, battled in the 1260s] the rest will be up to you] and we, as far as one might be concerned, will zero in on the Turkmen clans abiding around here. In this way, we would capture the remainder of the Mongols that would be abandoned in Anatolia. Hulagu Khan’s military will be parted in two. Subsequently, they can neither send support from the North of Anatolia… nor will the people who stayed in Anatolia, have the option to pass toward the North. Ideally, you will want to stop these Mongol attacks, within the most limited time. Eyvallah (much obliged). I will be satisfied to illuminate Berke Khan that the union has been closed. Assuming that you permit me. Obviously. Acclaim be to Allah, we’ve beaten an extraordinary obstacle. Presently we need to take care of the other one. What will we do about Mongols attacking the clans, my Bey? The one thing they need from us is that chest with our most imperative data. All that presently relies upon that chest, Turgut. All things considered, what will you do then? Stop in that general area! Turgut! Bamsi! Hang on there. Mother U UJ O^IAI Where did they take my child? They are setting everything ablaze. These butchers won’t extra my grandson. Hayme Mother, don’t be disturbed.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 55 in Urdu Dubbing

My sibling is here now, he will accomplish something. Your sibling who kowtows of these Mongol canines, will accomplish something, llbilge Hatun? I knew what your identity was, however presently everyone knows it as well. You will lament what you recently said, Selcan Hatun. My sibling talks inside for all. If not for him, Gunduz Snow-capped Mountain would be dead at this point. O, yes. Enough’ Enough!! Enough!! Our clan has been attacked, my grandkids are missing, you quarrel and fight

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