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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 58

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I will be satisfied to illuminate Berke Khan that the union has been closed. Assuming that you permit me. Obviously. Acclaim be to Allah, we’ve beaten an extraordinary obstacle. Presently we need to take care of the other one. What will we do about Mongols attacking the clans, my Bey? The one thing they need from us is that chest with our most imperative data. All that presently relies upon that chest, Turgut. All things considered, what will you do then?

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 58 By PTV

My sibling is here now, he will accomplish something. Your sibling who kowtows of these Mongol canines, will accomplish something, llbilge Hatun? I knew what your identity was, however presently everyone knows it as well. You will lament what you recently said, Selcan Hatun. My sibling talks inside for all. If not for him, Gunduz Snow-capped Mountain would be dead at this point. O, yes. Enough’ Enough!! Enough!! Our clan has been attacked, my grandkids are missing, you quarrel and fight. Did your sibling realize that the Mongols planned to assault us, ha? What’s the significance here, Hayme Mother’? Assuming he realized that the Mongols were coming, would he leave us here then, at that point? My sibling came here to assist everybody. Let us know then, at that point, llbilge Hatun. did your sibling mean to attack our tent and? get his guides into us, as that Mongol canine said, ha? Is that why he cleverly drew near to us and demanded this marriage?

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This is Scene number 26 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. Enough of this! He is only a bit of a youngster! How might this fit in any custom, whose heart can endorse this? Sister, enough Assuming you have any score to settle, settle it with me, Osman! I’ll cause you to languish sincerely over this; I’ll take it out on you! Gunduz – Gunduz! We will send you dingy head to that canine-hearted Haulage! I will cause you to endure the fallouts for this! How could you express the name of the Khan overall Khans, Hulagu Khan, ha? Let my sibling be! – No get that one here! Get me the bow! The passing of Bey’s child should be as indicated by the practice. No! Hayman Hatun, Artuk Bey, since your child is so brave… for what reason doesn’t he emerge from stowing away, so I can see his valiance, as well. Wear t! No, don’t do it! Try not to do it! Relinquish my sibling! Or on the other hand, I will kill him! No, don’t do it! Gunduz! Try not to do it! – My sibling! My Gunduz’ Ertugrul will ultimately fall into my hands and I will kill him. My sibling! Do you accept that I, who have brought both, the Persians and the Chinese down to their knees… can’t tame that Ertugrul, who tucked humiliated and escaped, with a modest bunch of Alps, ha? Try not to do it, don’t1 – My sibling! Reply to me,

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 58 in Urdu Dubbing

I know. In any case. Ertugrul isn’t somebody you may simply snatch by the collar and request the chest. I needed to continue admirably here. For. Ertugrul would not let me know where the chest is, regardless of whether he was to bite the dust. Accordingly, you decide to send your sister to Ertugrul’s bed, did you? Assuming you performed your responsibility, it would not result in these present circumstances, in any case. Who is currently going to remove this multitude of clans from my grasp? Nobody would do it.

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