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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 59

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at that point, why did not he come himself, rather than simply sending his whelps? He said he will come to you as well, Eventually, Commandant He would have rather not battle. On the off chance that he did… What might occur assuming that he did, ha? Would he assault me? Officer Almcak. assuming Ertugrul said he will come, then, at that point, he will do it. Remove them.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 59 By PTV

My sibling is here now, he will accomplish something. Your sibling who kowtows of these Mongol canines, will accomplish something, llbilge Hatun? I knew what your identity was, however presently everyone knows it as well. You will lament what you recently said, Selcan Hatun. My sibling talks inside for all. If not for him, Gunduz Snow-capped Mountain would be dead at this point. O, yes. Enough’ Enough!! Enough!! Our clan has been attacked, my grandkids are missing, you quarrel and fight. Did your sibling realize that the Mongols planned to assault us, ha? What’s the significance here, Hayme Mother’? Assuming he realized that the Mongols were coming, would he leave us here then, at that point? My sibling came here to assist everybody. Let us know then, at that point, llbilge Hatun. did your sibling mean to attack our tent and? get his guides into us, as that Mongol canine said, ha? Is that why he cleverly drew near to us and demanded this marriage?

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Be that as it may, give some thought to my perspective, as well. It’s an option for you to stomp on and pulverize the Kayis, actually like different clans. Nonetheless, that would not achieve anything. What might occur after you leave here? Your meaning could be a little more obvious. Assuming every one of the clans is gone, who might be left here for you to manage over? What’s more, how might we have the option to deal with that canine called Dragons, and adapt to Byzantine’s interests? Administrator Alincak, this is an outskirt. How would you anticipate that I should ensure this waste borderland? With simply my very own small bunch Alps? Also, shouldn’t something be said about the expenses? The assessments paid by the clans and by heathens? Assuming you smother all life around here, where might you get the expenses for Hulagu Khan? Hence I needed to acquire the trust of the multitude of clans abiding at the outskirts… what’s more, most especially trust of the Kayis. Thusly. I gave the impression that I swore my faithfulness to Ertugrul. Charges you say, hah? What befall the ones you previously gathered? All disintegrated! I realize who is behind that. Who? I will by and by convey the taken gold to Hulagu Khan.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 59 in Urdu Dubbing

so I can see his valiance, as well. Wear t! No, don’t do it! Try not to do it! Relinquish my sibling! Or on the other hand, I will kill him! No, don’t do it! Gunduz! Try not to do it! – My sibling! My Gunduz’ Ertugrul will ultimately fall into my hands and I will kill him. My sibling! Do you accept that I, who have brought both, the Persians and the Chinese down to their knees… can’t tame that Ertugrul, who tucked humiliated and escaped, with a modest bunch of Alps, ha? Try not to do it, don’t1 – My sibling! Reply to me,

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