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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 73

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rather it was in depending on Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala. Furthermore, this mathematical strength of theirs on which they depended turned into the reason for such a loss… that they escaped from the combat zone carelessly. Just eight out of the 12 thousand men stayed with our Prophet (PBUH). They stayed for Allah (swt) and our dearest Prophet (PBUH). What’s more, Allah we Ta ala didn’t deny them of His assistance. This was a test for them since they were cheerful in their enormous numbers.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 73 By PTV

Once more by the Beauty of Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala, and the insight… of our cherished Prophet (PBUH) and the eight men who stayed with him… the military has accumulated. [the stanza at-Tawbah. 9:25 was uncovered then] Then our darling Prophet PBUH) got a small bunch of sand. also.. heaved it at the adversary’s appearances while saying: “May your countenances be despicable. This is Episode number 34 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. Once more, today, that Sun has arisen. The roaring cascades of our power have burst the dams of subjection and… have leveled the cairns of their oppression to the ground. Our enthusiasm is the honored one. Our Da’wah is from days of yore to the post-forever. Spread the word that, any place the Kayi standard is hanged, nobody… will want to eliminate it from that point, before the last Kayi is gone. You endured such countless hardships since we have… been denied of our Beylik’s post, I realize it well. Presently the request has been reestablished to how it used to be. Abundance charges are nullified. My Allah, acclaim be to You Applause be to You! Oppression and dread have been discarded, and… the equity has shown its face by and by. From now. we will all live in harmony and quietness. With harmony and equity, we will make our country. Once more our exchange was more grounded. Equity perpetually… opportunity for eternity! May my Ertugrul Bey live forever! May my Ertugrul Bey live forever! May my Ertugrul Bey live forever!! Long experience my Ertugrul Bey’ May my Ertugrul Bey live forever!

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 Long experience my Ertugrul Bey May my Ertugrul Bey live forever! Long experience my Ertugrul Bey’ We mana ed to et the chest. Sir. Amazing. You did perfect, Uranos You showed them what our identity is. Is your injury genuine? No, it’s not significant, Sir. That reviled Beybolat struck me, yet he was unable to kill me. what befell our man who pursued Keykavus? Where could Keykavus be? They took Keykavus, Sir Who? I wear t know Sir. Their countenances have been concealed. They killed our other men and the Mongols, too. Damn everything, he got past us. Who do you think they were. Sir? Ertugrul He is more intelligent than we suspected. He is engaged with this. We got the chest, Sir You are correct. We should get back to the post before we get into something different. Give me the chest. Come on What do you assume you were doing, huh? What’s the significance here to bringing my pennants down? My Bey. Yigal. Yigal! Last! Yigal. hang on my lion You will live, hold tight Aag A|/| Yigal. My Bey. Aag A|/| Excuse me for any off-base done in this world. Last. iii Yinal I give my grave promise, your blood won’t go unavenged. It will not my lion Take Yinal to our clan immediately I m going to carry them to retribution for this selling out. Sibling. They deliberately ignored anything we said. Is that so? Then, at that point, let me let them know what s what. The Alps! Is Ertugrul Bey in there? Our Bey of Realm is inside. The Bey of Realm, would he say he is present, hah? How about you take the Beylik of Realm… by injustice and draping your standards despite my good faith? You will endure dear fallouts for doing this. Move out of my way! Ertugrul Bey Where could Ertugrul Bey be? You can’t go through, Beybolat Bey! Is it true or not that you are mindful of what you’re doing, ha? What gives you this mental fortitude, ha? Our blades. our traditions… and our hearts. Is oppressiveness endorsed in your traditions? Ertugrul Bey? You will pay the consequences of this shock. You might leave, the Alps, we will talk in private.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 73 in Urdu Dubbing

As you order, my Bey. Oppressiveness is the method of those on whom you depend, Beybolat Bey. Also, by depending on them… you went past your limits. I’ve squashed their oppression with my blade, and those… who didn’t have a clue about their cutoff points, I set straight. Don’t even think about blaming me for not knowing my cutoff points? Ertugrul Bey. Did I request to be given the Baylik of Territory? They allowed me one. What was I expected to do? Is it safe to say that I should toss it and move in front of them? Have they additionally requested from you to attack my clan…

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