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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 74

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to deny us from entering the primary tent. . also, to set out the regulations that were not in light of customs? I’ve seen your many appearances in general, Beybolat Bey. From this point forward, I will never again show mercy to anybody. In any case, your greatest mix-up was not that you set… an excessive amount of dependence on the Mongols. In any case, that you accepted that I will not recover what’s mine by the right of my sword. You are currently taking care of that. Assuming I assembled my Alps and did an assault here… if I brought down all Kayi signals and pronounced my power…

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 74 By PTV

at that point… you dig your graves first and afterward come at me. Alencar will not have the option to incline toward you with anything, at this moment. Allow him first to convey Keykavus and the chest to Hulagu Khan… then when he returns, he will confront it as well. There is no chest… and no Keykavus, by the same token. What do you mean, there isn’t? Ne was brought into such a fight, that it was like… the Mahshar (spot of revival) [Bukhari, Muslim, at-Taj, V, 364-5] And. they removed both, the chest and Keykavus. Sunday was killed too. That is awful Alincak wouldn’t have the option to adapt to this. Not exclusively to you yet he won’t be of any advantage even to himself, from now. I let you know that you were inappropriate to put your dependence on the Mongols. That’s what I said assuming the prop up despite your good faith disappears… the main thing you d see would be a blade sliding upon you. This is Episode number 35 of Season 5 with Urdu Captions. The Alps stand by here. As-salamu Alaykum (harmony arrive), my brave. Alaykum as-salam (harmony arrives as well). Where could your mom and father be? There is my grandma. Who are you? what is it that you need? We’re your visitors, my lion. Let your grandma know that we are here. Grandmother –

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Ha, child? Three men are here, they say they are visitors. My child. visitors are not continued to pause. Call them in As-salamu Alaykum (harmony arrive) mother. Alaykumu as-salam, child. Come, stay here. May you live lengthily, mother I’ll make it happen. My vision is as of now bad. Who are you who is your family9 Where are you from and where are you going? Simply an unfortunate visitor coming from Al Hayy going to Hu (swt). mother [Al Hayy – The Never-ending Allah, Hu – Him] Child, we need to invite our visitors. Go on, present to us some Ayran (a pungent yogurt). What is keeping this Alincak? They are coming, my Bey. Also, what might be the meaning of that Leader? The Yassa of our Khan expresses that “a man who… [alludes to Genghis Khan] neglected to finish his obligation resembles a pony with a wrecked leg [Yassa – a mystery Code of Regulation by Genghis Khan] They’re both pointless! The two of them should be killed! In any case, the individuals who neglected to satisfy their obligation are now dead. You were there, too. They vivacious away both, Keykavus and the chest! Furthermore, you have sat idle! They dropped the top of my right-hand man on my lap. Furthermore, you are likewise one of the individuals who achieved this embarrassment. I went there alongside him as you have requested me to And I did what I might They at some point have killed my nearest man, as well. This obligation was your obligation, Commandant Alincak. Also, presently as opposed to plunking down and thinking of some solution for this, you pulled your blade on me. You better think how you will respond when that’s what haulage Khan discovers… both, Keykavus and the chest got past you. Berke Khan’s covert agents are springing up wherever under each stone. Why do you neglect to see it, Beybolat? They sneaked among us, masked as Nokers.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 74 in Urdu Dubbing

 Also, they couldn’t have done all of this, simply on their own, there should be a few people on these grounds who are working together with them. Who could it be9 Ertugrul? Ertugrul? How did she get to manage this? After we left Sogiit, Ertugrul recovered the Beylik of Territory. He recovered the Beylik of Realm, did he? How was that possible7 Didn’t they set up any obstruction? He utilized our nonappearance and went after the Soviets. He confined my Alps and showed Kayis flags out of control. Ertugrul has broadcasted the Beylik of Territory as his, Administrator. Who is this Hatun’s mom? Is she your daughter7 No. child, she isn’t my girl? Yet, I think of her as my little girl.

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