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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 75

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The heathens have killed her better half. She was pregnant and dejected. She was abandoned. I brought her the present time and place I’m caring for her. Do you have any family members, mother? Is it safe to say that you are ready to be a mother to this hatun, in your circumstance? I had a child and girl in regulation. in any case, their opportunity arrived and dirt covered them Concerning this hatun, well… in this world, everybody needs to follow his soul, child. Those left alone can grasp what is going on with the vagrants the best.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 75 By PTV

EyvAllah (it’s valid), mother. EyvAllah (bless your heart). As I was cruising by… I noticed your grandson and thought I’d come by and monitor you. Is there anything you want, mother? What human requirements most is to be thankful and to have a feeling of fulfillment, child. I have an entire life behind me. However, I’ve never met a well-off individual that is fulfilled without limit… nor an unfortunate one that said he was ravenous. We have a couple of creatures and a little nursery. We eat what we can plant and harvest. child. We don’t desire any of this common merchandise. The main supplication I generally offer when I’m on my request mat is for Ertugrul Bey. May Allah (swt) never leave us without him May he generally holds the Beylik’s seat and safeguards our traditions and that is sufficient. Do you know Ertugrul Bey, the mother? I never met him Yet regardless of whether I barely have the option to see him with my eyes, at any rate Why didn’t you go to Ertugrul Bey and ask him for help? Is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t proceed to say? My circumstance is this way: I have a grandson and I likewise have… visitor in my tent who is pregnant and unwell The haze never leaves the heavenly pinnacle of a high mountain, child. Numerous unfortunate ones are more awful off than us. Acclaim be to Allah we can set up the food we eat. Insofar as our Ertugrul Bey is protected and sound. While there are bold moms with Noor sparkling on their appearances and supplications all the rage… Ertugrul Bey won’t ever be cut down, mother. Now that I’ve considered your face to be lovely as a rose… and tasted you Auran, I would disappear.

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You’re leaving too early, child Do you realize Ertugrul Bey I’ve met him, mother. May your way be clear and open, child On the off chance that you at any point opportunity upon him once more, let him know that… you met a Turk’s mom at the foot of Karacauz summer quarters… living in an old tent with one support point, and that she said. May Allah (swt) end my life and add it to his.” That’s what let him know. With joy. Do you suppose we were satisfied to see the Mongol’s fierce treatment of you and? the enduring you went through. the torment you were exposed to? Indeed… Both of your sisters appeared to be exceptionally satisfied with that. What achieved this change now? Nothing has changed. Don’t you recollect that my sibling conflicted with Alincak himself .. to safeguard your tent and. . to save you from considerably more oppression by the Mongols? Our own and Kayis resemble two incredible mountains that… need to stand side by side. Might the nail at any point be isolated from its tissue? We said: okay, these are the Mongols and we continued. Ne was familiar with the Mongols’ oppression, all things considered. In any case, we wear t very know what to think about your sibling Beybolat? Didn’t your sibling slap my child openly? Didn’t he secure him in the prison? Wasn’t his goal to flagellate me? Discussing past events is unhelpful for anybody. See here… Sirma’s injuries are as yet not mended. Yet, we bowed modestly and came to your tent. We came with the goal that we can confront what’s in store. How about we hold hands and be of one accord.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 5 Episode 75 in Urdu Dubbing

My sister comes clean. My injury isn’t recuperated at this point Yet, but besides this aggravation, I have no bad things to say at all. The aggravation I’m enduring defies me with my shortcomings. This setback has been a decent example for me. Furthermore. I was off-base. I was shameful towards you. Under the guise of my doled-out liability… I broke the hearts of all the hatuns of the Kayi clan. However. committing errors is intrinsic to the more youthful ones. Furthermore, it deserves the elderly folk’s excuse. Excuse me. Since you have a penitent outlook on it and you apologized… both Selcan Hatun and I can’t resist the urge to… to front I’ve ou.

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