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Ghazi Osman Episode No.14 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 14 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu dubbing. They caught osman, in light of the fact that they need data They imagine that they could arrive at the fortune through him M Ffcndi what is your order9 You will go to the palace as a courier. Advise them: Edcbali will give the entrustments They need to free Osman in return. M Efendi we battled lor years to take them Our companions were martyred coming. Is it great for Osman9 We took the standing of the Islamic World back Akga Dervish . Be that as it may, Osman is just about as significant as the fortune Arc we truly going to give the fortune to them mv Fl’endi? Tf we can take Osman, yes T will be sitting tight for Yannis. allow us to come w ith you father You will go to the Kay 1 tents. Bala. Tf something significant occurs there let us kn w Shaitan’s orcath is ar Hind the tents Cut that breath if vital. As you request father. Where wi 11 you go’ Wc came from the dirt, and we are going to the dirt. girl May our conflict Hit me, so life will How rather than blood. expectation will stream… Hit’ H t Speak Where is Edcbali9 Speak or T will tear you and your Alps’ hearts out Speak! Where is he9 Speak’ Come nearer Come nearer. at where you need to tear ofl In my heart He is in the hearts ^I Turks1 If vou curve incredible cnou take them! Shaitan, come! Bogag> ■>n c to me! Bogag! My sibling’ Boaag! Bogag T am hearing a little groaning.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.14

Do you hear it’1 Lions thunder Sofia! They don’t moan! May our prisons be loaded up with rotted lions’ bones. Hold tight my brothcri Don’t kneel! Allah isHAYY! (The Fxcr-I.iMne) Bo”ac My Rabb… savs in Bakara Or do von imagine that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as went to the individuals who passed on before you9″ Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Shut Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Make these canines shut up1 Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) It’s the location of my impeccable triumph Dundar Bey. Wc realize who did this. Presently request us. Kayi’s Alps will attack Kulucahisar palace. For what reason do you believe it’s Kulucahisar Bamsi Bey 9 Sofia and Kalanos went to our tents and thcv need companionship Wc don’t have the foggiest idea who did this. O Sulcvman Shah… who is perched on your jacket now0 He can’t even recogni/c the foes . Fvcn T understood that fallen angel when I just showed up. How cant vou see Sofia’s genuine face7 dislike the Fast you came from Sclcan Halun. This boundary has a basic equilibrium and diplomatics. Tf you hadn’t flee with vour spouse >ou would’ve known There is no brain except for words. She doesn’t take a gander at herself and attempting to show us diplomatics. Your period passed Sclcan Halun H vc u attempt to forestall our business I will not simply say words, realize that. Take a gander at her Bamsi an outsider would think she was a Sultan, Don’t make me go frantic. Know your cutoff 7ohre! Quiet down Sclcan Halun, Sclcan Hatun.3

Tf vou at any point contend like this again T will cut vour tongues. Presently, leas e the combat zone to men. Hatuns. Go out! Dundar Bc! Dundar Bc Apparently there circular segment a few group who disregarded Kayi’s stir here. Make them recall. Osman is my child Wc will not discover omfort until wc discover him But the equivalent is bi”acr than I suspected Wc will snare like wolves to save Osman from the snare, and thunder like lions. Wc will be pretty much as shrewd as foxes. Niw. . pay attention to me well. Huge fiend Udcomc You circular segment coming one modify another. Our greatest delight is to make you sull’er UPIUS Pain is honcj fir us, and enduring is sim Don’t get too energized Osman. We actually have time. We will pay attention to >ur significant sentences Princess Sofia., very much done my girl The Turks will not stop. furthermore, search for Osman in the palace. They will see vou as a holy messenger May it be simple Osman. Gundu/Bey we can’t overlook u cap they bend saving. You will go to the palace with Bamsi Bey and converse with Sofia Make them feel my indignation. Advise them.

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Watch Kurulus Osman in Hindi Dubbing

On the off chance that our companions bend included Osman’s snare . wc will cut their hands and tear their hearts out Yes mv Bc Thank you Dundar Bc T wasn’t finished with that red fallen angel. You bend going there for the good of Osman. Bamsi Bev Don’t fail to remember I Wc don’t leave anything half-wrapped up. Batur. Your Alps will look all over the place. You w sick be on ready They will look through each spot If you discover a hint of a man, advise us. Indeed my dad I figured you would be more brilliant You took the snare immediately Osman Isn’t it ahead of schedule to praise your triumph Yannis^ Our light has quite recently begun Thanks to my Rabb.

He gave me a malevolent adversary like you. Did you take in these words from your foam t.UEUlSQ You need to realize where Sheik Fdcbali rig tQ You need me to sell him and discover where the fortune is To be straightforward T don’t mind where the fortune is T need to obliterate your standing Tfyou take important bits of a state vou take it’s hon lur and race T have many fortunes You mifijht take our fortune however you can’t take our spirits. Our precursors say “The State leaves however ethics sta” Our m irals curve in nir hearts and brains. F.vcn in case there is one Turk left in the earth that implies our state is as yet alive. Also, that one Turk’s point is to annihilate your sultanate! Osman Bey… you should be parched. . You curve so furious amateur Osman Ts it prepared 0 Fire. . fire, which consumes iron… Show us your force. Shaitan! Dastard1 You have old buddies, Osman. As you get injured, they shout.

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