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Ghazi Osman Episode No.15 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 15 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu dubbing. Is this the force of your fire. Yannis Witness my triumph Osman. Mceala Where is Fdebali9 Where is Fdcbali9 Allah! In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful. Verily We have allowed you a show Victory That Allah might pardon you thy issues of the past and those to follow, satisfy His approval to you and guide you on the Straight Wax And that Allah might help you with amazing assistance.” Tt would he say he is Who sent down Tranquil I it} into the hearts of the Believers that thcx mama add confidence to their confidence for to Allah have a place the Forces of the sky and the earth and Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom Fnou h Enough I will reveal to you where Fdcbali I’m paying attention to vou, shrewd Osman Where is Edebali? Expert Yannis! Expert Yannis! Allah is HAYY! (The Ever-Living) Allah is HAQQ! (The Absolute Truth) Allah is ONE! Dastards. Expert Yannis1 Did you hear from Osman Bey, Batur9 Aren’t you his friend1 You couldn’t prelect your Bey. Wc made every one of the foes bow yet the tricksters among us betray us. InshaAllah you didn’t sell out again Or else T will make vou a prey for cbgs. You can’t even protect} our Bey Samsa. With the goal that you were so courageous, where were you when Osman was snatched and his Alps were martyred’1 Yau curve the tire of (it nah Batur But T guaranteed Bamsi Bey T will not carrv wood to the fitnah fire until vvc obliterate the foes If T hear each other thing about vou nobody can save vou from my teeth Cut it short Samsa. Go to the Kayi clan and comply with my dad Dundar Bey Frtugrul Bey enabled to my dad. For what reason did you visit mc° Wc circular segment not here to visit you Sofia Wc canu here to address you An assault ma>bc a bctraval. You will advise us. T fail to see what you’re say ing What betraval what a tack bend you talking about9 Osman Bey and his Alps were assaulted.

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There is no compelling reason to keep it loni?. Tf Kulucahisar did this, vou ought to be frightened of us. Y^u circular segment undermining us on our territories in our palace. Gundu/Bey We cbn’t undermine Kalams! It’s the request for Suleyman §ah’s child Dundar Bey in case it’s you who killed our Alps, w ho assaulted our Bevs and hurt our association, Ravi’s furvr will be on you I swCar on the confidence in our souls. We will break your entryway with our thunder nailed ponies . also, with xir irin clench hands. Also, we will make vour dividers grave s tones for vou Wc will do it Sofia vallahi b llahi T comprehend your aggravation Bamsi Bey. We curve >our most remarkable partners. Whv would wc do this0 Wc killed the double crosser among us. Yannis Tust to strcnethcn our kinship. T lost my foam for this harmony. Whoever breaks this harmony T will kill him. Commandant Kalanos! Request every one of the fighters in Kulucahisar. Our amazing all Kayi clan’s Osman Bey will be searched for. diminishes that hurts him will be annihilated Wc will not stop until wc hear fr6’m nirff Fnd your questions, Gunduz Bey As wc ensure harmony everybody will win FyvAllah Princess Sofia EyvAllah. Sofia these eyes. saw many foxes camouflaged as sheep Tn the end. these loxes were the materials of my shoes. Realize that Princess Sofia. Come, my Gunduz Let’s go. FyvAllah Bamsi Bey Master, curve you alrigh ‘ He even took excessively. He is solid as a lion He will not talk effectively Keep tormenting him when he awakens. Where circular segment you going Master9 To the palace Fdebali will reach me for Osman. Y^ur men will be wary. Indeed ace. Kavis can smell the blood. What circular segment you doing here0 Traitor! Cleric Marcus! Tursun Fakih’ Soldiers! Catch him! In the event that somebody contacts me Andreas will kick the bucket! You will take me to Sofia!

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T brought Edebah’s good tidings! Fat meat Slowly jackal Don’t pass on T actually need you Why circular segment you doing this9 What do you need from me9 Fvcn on the off chance that we curve inverse sides we have a similar adversary. UBILISQ Listen to me well Osman’s alive bvdv was a difficulty yet his dead body will bring more difficulties. Reveal to me where Osman is. T hac t> “ir^teet mv foam’s standing Why might T care about your dad’s reputation9 T can’t tell von w here Osman is. T don’t need Osman alive.

T need him dead Osman is a snag remaining against my fantasies. When weg) chasing he leads. At the point when we have a gathering. he speaks Osman is consistently the solid one And I generally remained back T can’t push ahead while he is near. Either T will kill you ^rT will give ten times of this gold. There isn’t anything to contemplate Yxi need Osman’s head from me. Inform me regarding the sold can even kill my dad I will be holding up lor you by the riser Brine his head by around evening time. Yet, T will not give you any gold before T see his head. Tt was a decent understanding Tt was a decent aerccmcnt. Anybody here0 Tsn’l there anyone1 Isn’t there anyone9 You are there child. Edebali! Who else do you need9 Fdebali 1 Where are you9 People have their cherished ones in their souls. Wear t search for me somewhere else Thanks to Allah Fdebali Thev limited my options and everything. . T am frantic. I have no force left People who discover genuine opportunity in Allah’s manner can’t be held hostages, child. For what reason am I sulTcring Why am I sufTcring Why am I enduring Why am T sidfcrine How would i be able to dispose of this’ The fix is stowed away in the issue. You will see. Take it child lake it Take t Take t Separate the soil a lot. So you will figure out how to isolate.

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