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Ghazi Osman Episode No.18 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 18 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu dubbing. Additionally, senseless They re blessing us But getting ready for a fight What is your command7 Seems like Everybody is showing the sword they hold, my nephew. We II do a similar Are we going to assault the palace, my bey? No. No First, we ll assault the convoy which is vital to the barbarians… What’s more, amaze the palace They think Dundar Bey has neglected But they wear t know.. That I wear t fail to remember anything. They II address the cost. For my little girl s hijacking And Osman s torment They will pay. I ll advise Osman to prepare with his alps. on on There s no need This will be finished by my brave Batur We haven’t assaulted the pagans for quite a while Now proceed to show them who is Dundar Bey s child Batur Alp. Carry the goods to the camp So all Kayi Beys can see a genuine bold As you order, my bey. My companions. It’s undeniable now Without disposing of the evil in Kulucahisar… We would t be able to live in tranquility on this land Are we going to relocate, my Sheykh?

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Actually… We II settle down here, my Zulfikar. We II battle transparently now It’s difficult to live in a territory, my Sheykh. It requires having solid partners Sanjak Bey Ali§ar is the man of Konya that is under the assault of Mongols. Without Ertugrul Bey Dundar Bey won t work with us. uewso We didn t give our agree to Osman. You re asking who are we going to be a partner with. I was unable to say, my lord. You finished me We wear t argue to anybody Allah giveth That’s the reason… We II get comfortable the new marketplace. Also More solid, all the more consistent We II assistance devotees with our artisanship. Pehlivan. Indeed, my lord. Zulfikar. Indeed, my Sheykh Send word to… Tekeli. Konya Alaya and Kayseri. Everybody ought to be alert Everyone who has confidence in their souls Will get under gauge. The time has come to plant the seeds of confidence on these territory lands. As you wish my Sheykh. As you wish my lord. Do you see the silk… The texture? It suits you, my Bey. They are equivalent to in the castle Ali§ar Bey’s manor… Has no distinction from a castle Isn’t unreasonably correct, Nizamettin? Right, my bey. What is it with the long face9 The conditions within your realm aren’t acceptable at all What are you discussing? What’s the significance here? At the point when you were in Konya.. The question of Osman and Kulucahisar bursted up once more, my Bey. Ok Nizamettin, Nizamettin.

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You believe you’re gathering news. I know what Osman did. I likewise know the rest. Osman’s alps are dead. His motivation is extremely clear. He needs to kill Sofia and Kalanoz. While discussing Sofia, she needs to visit you in the manor, my bey It is clear that it is about this matter. I love the ones who wear silk or roses Send the word to the princess, she can come. I smell like a goat due to those travelers. Zorba Prepare the shower on the double. My Black Osman.. Wear t be tragic about your relationship It doesn’t fit a man, my child.

It isn t just about the relationship. Bamsi Bey. My child. Then, at that point advise your concern to this white haired Bamsi Bey. Sheykh Edebali. He excuses me. He doesn’t consider me deserving of speaking My child… Sheykh Edebali is an incomparable man. It is difficult to be companions with an incomparable man. He knows better compared to us. my child My child Be cautious. It isn’t the ideal opportunity for being dismal. A procession is coming from Nikea to Kulucahisar. So they comprehended that they are in a sharp corner My child. they saw however. Dundar Bey named Batur for the assault It is clear that he needs to put Batur on the map. He makes the best thing. He is as of now late. In the event that Allah wills Batur will do what is vital. He needs to hold firm when Ali§ar run over to him My bey… Ali§ar Bey got back from Konya. Much thanks to you.

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