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Ghazi Osman Episode No.19 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 19 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu dubbing. Boran My Bey, something more. Edebali Is settling down in the new marketplace with his companions My Bey, it is the ideal opportunity. Allow s to ride our dark ponies Keep an eye on Ali§ar s chateau I need to know the guests. As you order, my Bey. I’m going to the new market Bamsi Bey Camp is depended to you. Okay, my Osman Take it. What is the matter Aygul? Are your carpets overshadowed7 Why do you utilize dull shadings? At the point when our weight is diminished… White blossoms will bloom on our floor coverings, if Allah wills. Are we the extra weight on your back. Zohre? Let’s assume it obviously, wear t set out to avoid the real issue. Quit being a witch. It’s not proposed to you. Quiet down. Who is it proposed to then, at that point? Who is the extra weight on your back? The extra weight isn’t on my back. It is on the entirety of our backs, Selcan Hatun We re in conflict since Edebali has gone to our camp We re in conflict not in view of the one who is a companion of Allah It is a direct result of the person who sits on the seat and eaten up proudly. Indeed, well. Both you lost your sight and failed to remember our traditions, hatun Where did you see that auntie goes to request Marriage for the bey s child while his uncle is here?

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Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.19

Allow s to acknowledge that… I can comprehend from Osman s face that you turned around from the entryway If you get into profound water… You take your action. You say the bey s child however I say my child. Assuming my child needs something from me, I do it under no circumstances beyond any doubt Sheykh Edebali didn’t give his assent. The facts confirm that Osman is pitiful. However, a brave is massaged with pity. discover bliss with affection I know my courageous well. He won t surrender am heartbroken about his dad s exertion Why is that? While the child of strong Ertugrul Ghazi is pursuing a lady. My Batur is assaulting to pagan s train. They said it on purpose. That you can see the brave on the combat zone. You will follow through on a hefty cost for this. From here on out, judgment is the weapon commandant. We won t stop until you quit taking in your stone palace… so you know. Presently go! Tell your proprietors that Batur child of Dundar Bey has held onto the procession. Separate gold and decorations. Onur Alp. As you wish. Batur Alp. My siblings For so long we asylum t assaulted a troop of rapscallion From now on They’ll detect the shoot of our weapons on their necks. We II assault out of nowhere like a demise Allahu-Akbar. (God is the Greatest) Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Long live Dundar Bey1 Long live Dundar Bey1 Peace be with you Peace arrive What occurred? Why it is so crowded7 We re sitting tight for Sheykh Edebali Okay, thank you You’re invite My Bey. It s the ideal opportunity Let us circumvent the back You will pry around. Konur sibling. I ll deal with the rest. Okay, my bey. Welcome, my Sheykh Welcome, my Sheykh Welcome, my Sheykh Welcome. Welcome, my Sheykh Peace be with you.

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Watch Kurulus Osman in Hindi Dubbing

Harmony arrive Peace arrive for the sake of Allah My dears… My companions recognize me as beneficiary Sheykh. My name is Edebali. We ve put belt of exertion on and came to exchange As a calling of prophet. My friends called as Ahi. A considerable lot of my companions are additionally out and about We put stock in the moment of retribution… Where the persecuted get his privileges. Consequently, our point… Is equity, no matter what. We wish… The request for the market will work appropriately. We need the right one will get what he merits, not the solid one. We need poor to be taken care of, everybody should share We need individuals to get and eat the great stuff modest.

Therefore, we re going to stand firm in this market. Best of luck to everybody U00UJV Welcome, my princess. Along these lines. Princess I’ve enhanced the ground with rugs for your lovely eyes to celebrate. Welcome to my manor. Your manor… Is pretty much as delightful as it’s been said… Ali§ar Bey. It used to be a manor… Yet, transformed into a royal residence when a princess like you stepped in I poured roses on your way They are the princess of blossoms. Come in My Sheykh Come on in, Osman Bey. What do you need from me? My assent… Or then again a soul9 I need my match. Consider the possibility that I don’t offer it to you. Then, at that point I’ll stand by at your doorstep I’ll look for your time Only dervishes prepared to do… holding up at doorstep, Osman Bey. You II arrive at the finish of your rope And your scaffold of insight will fall Thus you would t be able to stand. Waling. Isn’t appropriate for a crude man. Or on the other hand a credulous bold. Is for a grappler… who can beat himself not simply his foes. You venture onto the field. What’s more, be prepared V o a This round of persistence Is way out of your association, Osman Bey. I ve wrestled so often. I ve faced such countless conflicts I’ve won’t ever come up short. However at this point I crash and burn. Okay.

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