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Ghazi Osman Episode No.2 By Enif Tv

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Ghazi Osman Episode No.2 by Enif TV

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You haven’t done anything to be ashamed of. Turpin, my daughter. He couldn’t come together with his mortal beloved one but. He came together with his endless beloved One. My daughter.. Borgin… You will come together on the other side. I’m Babar Beyrek! Kayi tribe’s Alpba§i… Everyone saw we were preparing his marriage marquee. But my Abbas has already flown to the sky. He went to drink the shahada sherbet. I was waiting for my son’s wedding… but I was destined to see him being a martyr. I don’t want a sad poet to wail! I don’t want anyone to cry! I don’t want women to pull their hair off! Now it’s time to make Toy! Now it’s time to make a wedding! Now it’s a glorious day! Thanks to my ALLAH… I am a martyr’s father… I am a martyr’s father… Babar is a martyr’s father. Babar is a martyr’s father. Babar is a martyr’s father.

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We have a wedding brothers! My son came together with his ALLAH! We have a wedding brothers! My son came together with his ALLAH! Ma’am. Tell me that Osman died, Mekala. He was saved from the moss he fell. I don’t know-how. Damn it. I hope it doesn’t lead to any misfortunes. But his closest Alp, Babar’s son Abbas, everyone is crying around his body in Kayi’s tents, ma’am. We killed him. I hope Osman took the message. And he keeps his nose away from us. Claims-24.co I was waiting for you for days. Thank God, you arrived. It was exhausting, but being chosen for a holy duty took our exhaustion away. How is our Effendi? Is he healthy? He is. He is curious about the castle. As you know, he cares about the Kulu cha Hisar. May God protect him. We heard that something happened. You were right about your foresight. A murder was planned against Governor Yourgoplus. I never saw you were wrong. He was targeted, because he was close to Turks. The darkness we are after is about to cover the entire palace. Breath of the devil in this palace occurs because of them. We don’t have much time.

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