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Ghazi Osman Episode No.3 by Enif Tv

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We have to complete our Effendi’s order and find the treasure. If we can’t succeed, everything will be messed up. They sent the code, right? I am glad. You never disappointed us with the duties you were given. It might be written with some undisclosed taken from the Bible. It means different codes. If we can find clues, I can solve them. Location must be hidden in them. You solved similar undisclosed which were written with the ancient alphabets. Then we can confront our Efendi as happy people who satisfied their duties. I prayed for you in the church, Yourgoplus. I’m sure that we’ll catch the responsible ones with God’s help and Kalanoos’ talent. But… are you sure that traitors were inside the castle? We were betrayed Sofia. And traitors are inside. If you are right, Yourgoplus, it is horrific. Don’t come back with empty hands Kalanoos… Find a trace. Or else, they’ll try again soon. Yes. My lovely husband. I watch the sky every night. I am reading the traces which stars and planets left. There is one thing I am sure of. No one will be capable to wipe out the order you built while you are alive. Your way is not the right way Osman! You left the castle without informing someone! What happened, ha? Abbas died! He died because of you! Don’t you understand? Why did you turn against me?

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For us to call these domains our “homeland” To call these domains our homeland” It’s time to take revenge brothers! May it be an oath on our horses that breathe sparkles out. May it be an oath! May it be an oath on those who see pain as sweet! May it be an oath! If I can’t take the revenge of my brother Abbas.. may I be cut with my own dark steel.. may my name be wiped off from the stones… May it be an oath! Kulu cha Hisar Castle spreads the evil around. We will look for the ones there, who shed my Abbas’ blood. We will get in the castle to learn who they take orders from, and their intention. Is there someone you faith in the palace, my Bey? We have no one to faith, except one person.

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We are close to our secret. Sofia. What’s wrong, Sofia? Talk to me. I beg you, talk to me. I can do anything you want. I am suffering, Kalanoos. And I can’t take it anymore. The longing burns me. I want to be with you Kalanoos. I want that too. ut Governor… Governor Yourgoplus… How can we do that to him? If God didn’t want us to come together, would he give the love into our hearts? Kalanoos… You are my biggest test in this world. I suffer from your longing every day and night. I die every time I see you with Governor. ut what can we do, What can we do? Allow me Kalanoos. I’ll meet up stars tonight; I’ll tell you tomorrow night. I’ll wait for you. Ya ALLAH bi… grant me with taking the revenge of my brother Abbas and our other martyrs. Don’t worry. Don’t shed tears… Keep your head up. Babar is The father of a martyr. What are you thinking of? Nothing… Smile a bit. We are too close. You are right. We are too close. We’ll have finished our duty tomorrow. Is that why you are sad? Smile a bit. Or else… are you thinking of him? Who? The Turk you saved. I wonder who he was. What was he doing there I don’t know who he was. But it’s obvious that he has a place in your mind. I regret that I told you now. We have to rest. We have a heavy burden on our shoulders for tomorrow. Come on. Claims .co.uk White hair.. If I have white hair. It must be fallen from the angel’s wings, who carried my son… From their wings… Babar Bey. Martyr’s smell is the smell of heaven. It’s time for us to bury our brother and spread his smell around the Kayi tribe. Come on. Come on, valiant’s. Let’s go. Ya Haqq!

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    Sir season 2 ka episode kidar hai

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