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Ghazi Osman Episode No.32 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 32 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus osman series start by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalauddin. Now read the summary of this episode. We will see what man will sparkle with this test. EyvAllah my Sheik, EyvAllah. Then, at that point advise me, how is that man to breeze through this assessment? Astagfurullah. It’s an intense inquiry, Bamsi Bey. Beys are ranchers. He needs to realize where to sow his seeds that he will raise. He needs to realize which season is the awesome plant. He needs to realize when to water it. He will not offer freedom to spices which don’t need seeds to develop. While doing this, he will not lose his affection, exertion and truthfulness. The day will come, and the seeds will develop. The reap will be finished. The items will be esteemed. On that day, he will not say that the nursery and the items have a place with him, Bamsi Bey. Whoever has these elements and is forfeiting, my Rabb will go with him. We will be on them this evening! We will make Sogiit their cemetery! We will render the retribution of our siblings. Konur is extreme. He will stand tall and stand up to. Samsa Qavu§. Osman Bey, it’s not the ideal opportunity to rest. We should go save Konur Alp. I’m okay. Erkut, what was the deal? The new marketplace’s guardian Nizamettin… What befell him? He ended up being Yannis’ man my Bey. Disclose to Efendi Yannis, Edebali’s will come from Engiri way. Ali§ar Bey will do what’s expected to forestall their appearance. You go, I will toss them into a stream. Disclose to Efendi Yannis that he isn’t uncovered. Nizamettin! Hold tight, my Dervish. Where is Akga Dervish now, child? I took him to Samsa Bey’s clan, my Sheik.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.32

Try not to allow him to bite the dust! I’m the wolf of these mountains Osman Bey. Don’t worn . Samsa Qavu§… BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Ya Shafi (The Healer) It’s prepared, Osman Bey. MashaAllah my fearless. MashaAllah. Individuals’ destinies shield them from death. You showed up like Hizir (Khidr). On account of my Rabb, He offered you to usj my Sheik. Will they leave Konur sibling alive, my Bey? Your blood’s taste says that you are a bold man. Be that as it may, clearly, you are a blockhead. You will all compensation for assaulting the Turks’ country. I’m posing one inquiry, and I need one answer, helpless Turk. Where is Osman? You are searching for him, however he will discover you. You will see soon. You will see who is doing what. Where is Osman?! At where you will kick the bucket! They set the fire of dread in everybody’s souls! They broke their boldness. They struck the clan… Doesn’t it work something very similar for men Bamsi Bey? They call ‘man’ to the individuals who kill passing, make dread bow, and is potential for his kin.

He is protected. Drag Nizamettin’s dead body to Sogiit on a pony. So they will see the genuine proprietors of this land. Indeed my Bey. Where is Osman and Edebali? They got away. That is awful. You missed those two men who ou will battle with the most. Nobody can get away from the Mongols’ sword, Ali§ar. They will come out eventually. You don’t know them Cerkutay. We need to discover them right away.

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Watch Kurulus Osman in Hindi Dubbing

Try not to mull over everything. Authority Balgay is hanging tight for you. t,f) r Think carefully mother, auntie. It’s unrealistic to battle them. Just a snare for Balgay willj degenerate their equilibriums. We simply need a courageous. Who is that? Is it Osman? We were being administered by brilliant Beys.. Will Osman save us from Mongols now? On these terrains… “Aag A|/| Father… What occurred, my Bey? What do you think, Hatun? Azrail is in our tent. He will end the existence he needs at whatever point he wishes to.

I will cut this tumor which slides upon our properties.. I will either liberate this land, or become a saint. We follow any place you go, my Alpba§i. No Ongun Alp. I will deal with it. You will be with Diindar Bey when I’m not here. Where is Osman? He can do anything he desires! He is liable for the entirety of this! On the off chance that you did what you needed to do on schedule, we wouldn’t be experiencing this. Quiet down Hatun! Try not to make me manage you! Enough, Dundar Bey! You are a daring Bey, yet just to me! Why should we battle Mongols? In the event that we need to give Osman for the clan’s wellbeing, give him! I can’t chance our clan for Osman! Kulucahisar, Bilecik, Yayhisari and Inegol Tekfurs are coming, Commander Balgay. I need these palaces, Ali§ar. They all have prepared warriors. They reinforced their dividers. I’m disclosing to you that I need Constantine, a nd you are showing me old palaces as deterrents! I have the keys of these palaces, Balgay. Is it Sofia?

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