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Ghazi Osman Episode No.67

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It’s my fate to live alone, Bamsi Bey. You gave such a lot of exertion for us… Yet, in case you will demand in this matter… You know the spot of the entryway. The entirety of that work that I put in… Disgrace on the endeavors that I’ve given. You become somebody who has no restrictions. You disregarded our traditions. Fallen angel lives inside your heart. Presently… Possibly you excuse that villain or nobody can take you from my hands. Presently, I’ll give you some time.

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In the event that I see that demon in your heart once more… I’ll destroy this camp on your head. I’ll destroy this camp on your head, Samsa. eave me! Stop! What’s happening with you! Try not to take them! Kindly don’t do this! You took all that I have. I’ve lost the check of the carriages. Basically, give me my gold. Balgay is sitting tight for you, Diindar Bey. Do you know what he is requesting from me? Balgay wouldn’t ask, he will take Diindar Bey. He will simply take. Stop! Stop! Balance the cadavers out and about. Individuals who stroll by should see them. In this way, the fear that Mongols are spreading will disappear. They should see that Osman and his alps have fueled the fire of revival. Come on. This evening will belong. For the benefit of the Kayi clan, I have come here to show that we comply with you, Balgay. Favored commandant, strong Balgay. Balgay preferred you. You’ve begun to come round, Diindar.

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The lance will not fit in the sack, Bamsi Bey. From now into the foreseeable future, Osman is my foe. Try not to remain around to save yourself from the blood. You’re gullible brave. You’re being a Bey in your acquired tent. In any case, it is possible that they didn’t show you or you neglected to learn, Samsa. Bamsi Beyrek, Head Alp of Ghazi Ertugrul Bey. I whet my blade with blood and live with death in every other’s arms. ‘m appearance liberality and offering you guidance… Be that as it may, you’re falling in on me. In the event that you demand with your tenacity, you’ll abandon. Wolf will cry in our gala, birds will sing in our regret.

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I’ll go yet, Osman… Shouldn’t something is said about Osman, uncle? Osman is paying for his errors. That is the lone way that he can develop. Relax, my nephew. I’ve arranged everything. Everybody will get what they merit. I’ll accept him soon and make dependent upon him. Much thanks to you, uncle. May you live long. Relax. I’ll take off right away. Move the alps who watch at the camp to the forest. They’ll watch the camp against penetration. Order is yours, my bey. My bey, Bamsi Bey is here. Allow him to come. What do I owe to this, Bamsi Bey? What brings you here? At the point when I was here first, there weren’t any streets around Both the spot and the time have changed, Bamsi Bey. Callows (those youthful) began to attack a Bey’s tent. That is the reason I am here, my child. Wild breezes have stepped in the middle of the mountains. I’ve heard it and it disheartens me.

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