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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 44

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This is Kurulus Osman Episode 44 Urdu Dubbed & Ghazi Osman Season 2 Urdu Dubbed Episode 44. This is Episode 15 (44) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman. The top of the Alpwill is my son…If you permit, my Bey. Come in, son.Brother.Where were you when these men were killed? Answer me! Where were you when they were killed? How could they get in the stronghold, huh? How could they get into the castle? Answer me! How could they get into the castle? Where were you keeping watch, huh? Answer me! Get upset my father passed on in Karacahisar Castle in light of you. I’ll slaughter you. I’ll execute you all. Flatyos.Calm down, my friend. Calm down.

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Kurulus Osman Urdu Dubbed Episode 44 Enif TV

Tell me! Osman executed your troopers and dazzled your son.I committed an error by underestimating Osman. I won’t allow my child to pay for this with his life. He won’t murder Mongke. How do you know? He charmed Mongke on the grounds that he fears your rage. This is my opinion. So, it’s not about my son…but my respect! My honor! My child, neither dead nor alive, can give me my honor back. Only Osman can! If there is someone who can do this…it is Osman. I will reestablish my honor with the blood of Osman and his ancestry. Let me accompany you. I can possibly reestablish my honor on the off chance that I bite the dust for you. First, dress like a commander under my command. Then come. Osman Bey.Ahmet Alp. Can we do sword practice? Another time. Can we wrestle?

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You can see my strength well do it tomorrow, Ahmet. Were you with Ertugrul Bey? Yes.Yes.Osman Bey! My father is dead. Ahmet Alp…fathers don’t kick the bucket, Ahmet. Don’t fail to remember this. They in every case live in their youngsters’ hearts…like a solid fire and an interminable gem. Ahmet Alp.Osman? What happened to Osman Bey? j He looks mad. I trust nothing’s wrong. Congratulations, Lena. Your appearance has brought changes. Mashallah! What’s going on, Hazal Hatun?Many things. Ertugrul Bey…made Savci Bey the head of the Alps rather than Osman. Savci buckles down for his clan, he merits it. There is no positioning contrasts between siblings, Hazal Hatun. Listen to me, Hatuns. Keep an eye on your men. We can’t manage a battle among siblings in the clan, too. We’ve recently discovered peace. Karayel! Karayel!Tell me if it’s reasonable to stop a wild stream streaming like floods. Tell me if it’s reasonable to stop the horses. running across the perpetual plains. Tell me if it’s reasonable for saying. to stop the blowing wind. Isn’t it a pity? Tell me Kara Yel. Reveal to me Does the blowing wind stop? Do ponies stop running? Do wild streams stop flowing? Then why they are asking me to stop? Then why they are advising me to keep quiet? Oh, Karayel…I feel pitiful, and my heart is copying up. O patience. O patience.

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