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Kurulus Osman Episode 35 Urdu Review

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in this video you can watch urdu review of Full Episode No.35. in this episode Osman enter in Qilla Kolo Jahisar. Nikola know the plane of Osman. So his army was ready to capture the Osman. When Osman enter in Kolo Jahisar Nikola Army Capture him. There is a small knife on Osman hand. Osman cut the strip and injured nikola with this knife. Then Osman escaped from secret way inside the room. Fladious become angry and try to capture the Osman but does not. Flatious thing that nikola is died.

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When they prying the last of Nikola. Then suddenly Nikola give up. Fladious become shocked and happy that Nikola is alive. Then they take outh that they get revenge.

Osman with his Army Aygul Hatun, Guktogh, Boran and three other successfully escaped from Qila kolo Jahisar.

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