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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 81

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This is Episode number 81 of Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus Osman series started by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode.

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Do you really wanted support?Keep us in your petitions We will.We have an extraordinary reason, and our street is longWe should deal with it, presently Our union is great…and our fraternity is everlasting.Give me your exoneration in this world and Qiamah. – I give.Losing a fight doesn’t mean you lose the battle For instance…every rout gives me more aspiration, more, more, more1 Were you the same,great Caesar?Exactly what I thought Antantros.How is your daughter She was debilitated, is she alright9 Great Jesus has favored my little girl with wellbeing Mikis?Your spouse realizes you’re betraying her.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.81

May our family turn into a beylic, and our beylic become a state May our state live long.InshaAllah.Aygul Hatun, veteran of Kulucahisar.She will be the head of Baciyan-I Rum(Anatolian Union of Women).May Allah bring her triumph AameenMy Osman Bey…you have seen me deserving of this, and brought me incredible happiness.You have given me an errand and you have broughtme honour.Whenever you have need of us, we will wage war and join you…we will strike like a lioness, and annihilate the heathen militaries EyvAllah.A extraordinary obligation anticipates you.Not just fortitude and bravery…this will likewise expect you to keep a sharp mind You will keep your brains about you…and ensure each other Don’t youdon’t you commit an error Don’t stress, my BeyBoranyou have theresponsibilities of a pioneer Yes, my Bey.As for your task..you will enter Inegol.As you wish, my BeyNikola is having afeast with the lords.He has assembled every one of the masters for a Christian sacred war.That dog…he doesn’t rest.Why would a canine stopbeing a canine, brother?How will we get in, my Bey?

May God ensure you and Osman Bey, Bala Hatun1Aameen, my dear mother, aameen.Mother, take this food Take them home.May God help all of you!Wait, mother, wait.Yusuf Alp.Yes, Bala Hatun.Wait, mother.Take mother s food to her home Yes, Bala Hatun.Thank you.May God secure you. – I’ll convey them, auntie. – Thank you, mother.My Bala.Bala Sultan.You have done such a decent thing.Thanks to you,many destitute individuals have food now.Say tawbah, my Gonca.Allah has given them food.

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My charitable sister If my Sheik couldsee your kindnesshe would be so happyFor a daughter,her father is her castle.In these tragic days,I need him so much.I can’t have any desire to see him when he gets back from Hajj.InshaAllah. my Bala.Father.My heart is broken,mother still doesn’t converse with me.Can wheat become grain, son9 No, it can’t. ButI know, your blood boils.IThe sound of swords/on a pony mixes your blood.But you were not raised to turn into an Alp.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Hindi Dubbing

Do not forget thatthese lands need ulema (Scholars of Islam).And…did you study allthese years to no end Did>you memorize?allthose books for no reason?Father, can one not become both a fighter and an Alim(Scholar of Islam)9 obviously, child. Obviously; M But we wanted ulema more nowadays.And you haven’t paidback for your education.You should give backfor your education.This is the place where youwill repay for it.Do not forget.States are established in’the shadows of swords, by crafted by warriors.

EyvAllah.Letts go^1Ya Allah!Bismillah.Brother.Osman Bey has given us a task.For us to get experience.And yet, you have said such a thing.What did I say. Boran7 Can’t I ask my Bey a question7 Brother…where did you growthat thick head of yours7 Let’s go, brothers.Boran Alp!Where to?We re going to chase. Bayhoca Osman Bey has given you an undertaking, hasn’t he9Where did you concocted that?This chase looks likea changed huntThis kid is searching for trouble.God, secure him.Bayhoca.

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