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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 82

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This is Episode number 82 of Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus Osman series started by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode.

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Do you are aware of Sari Saltuk?My Bey,all fighters realize Sari Saltuk Whatever stunt it takes to invade the core of the enemy…you will utilize themMy Alps!I need you to makethe plan yourselves.I need you tosucceed on your own.For a state growswith the peopleit has trained.When tomorrow comesand our military growsI need experiencedwarriors driving itThat’s whyyou have this taskPrepare a penetration plan.Do not disillusion me.Do not stress, my BeyWe will choke them in their own castleswe will say to the enemy…You can’t evenimagine to overcome us.”If you even consider it…’if you even attempt to envision it..we will cut the headthat thinks such thoughts.”My Bey.We can penetrate the place.Buthow will we escape?If you cannot…you will become detainees And you will havea chance at affliction EyvAllah my BeyWe will achieve this undertaking, my Bey.Don’t worry.Brothers…you may not return.Give me your acquittal in this world and Qiamah.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.82

You’re correct, Nikola.I couldn’t hear you.We’re here to follow your orders Good. Gentlemen…the grimy words of politics have been utilized up! The noxious force of gold has been utilized up1 There is just one force, now. The force of war! Until passing, the force of war! To death.My Osman Bey…Kayi hatuns have made this with affection and understanding.I express gratitude toward them. How is it, Boran?My Bey, what image is that? This is the new standard of the KayiThe bow and the bolt represent requests in the realm. It shows the Turks’method of war. It is the pennant of rebirth.It is the declaration…to the entire world of the state we will found May you live long, Osman Bey. May our Rabb award you triumph.

We give my BeyBrothers…Brothers…My Bey…martyrdom would be a honour…but if we re detained never seeing youagain would hurt meIf you need to help us, if it’s not too much trouble, watch our scenes on KayiFamily.com ….When we were young,we were only something very similar. Osman Bey.You’re not old yet, Abdurrahman Gazi..I have need of you.No one can achieve this however you.No one must know…where you’re going,what you’re going to do.Your mysteries are my insider facts to keep, my BeyEyvAllahAbdurrahman Gazi, we should consistently be one stride ahead.

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May God ensure you and Osman Bey, Bala Hatun1Aameen, my dear mother, aameen.Mother, take this food Take them home.May God help all of you!Wait, mother, wait.Yusuf Alp.Yes, Bala Hatun.Wait, mother.Take mother s food to her home Yes, Bala Hatun.Thank you.May God secure you. – I’ll convey them, auntie. –

Thank you, mother.My Bala.Bala Sultan.You have done such a decent thing.Thanks to you,many destitute individuals have food now.Say tawbah, my Gonca.Allah has given them food.My charitable sister If my Sheik couldsee your kindnesshe would be so happyFor a daughter,her father is her castle.In these tragic days,I need him so much.I can’t have any desire to see him when he gets back from Hajj.InshaAllah. my Bala.Father.My heart is broken,mother still doesn’t converse with me.Can wheat become grain, son9 No, it can’t.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Hindi Dubbing

ButI know, your blood boils.IThe sound of swords/on a pony mixes your blood.But you were not raised to turn into an Alp.\ Do not forget that these lands need ulema (Scholars of Islam).And…did you study allthese years to no end Did you memorize?all those books for no reason?Father, can one not become both a fighter and an Alim(Scholar of Islam)9 obviously, child. Obviously; M But we wanted ulema more nowadays.And you haven’t paidback for your education.You should give backfor your education.This is the place where youwill repay for it.Do not forget.

States are established in’the shadows of swords, by crafted by warriors.EyvAllah.Letts go^1Ya Allah!Bismillah.Brother.Osman Bey has given us a task.For us to get experience.And yet, you have said such a thing.What did I say. Boran7 Can’t I ask my Bey a question7 Brother…where did you growthat thick head of yours7 Let’s go, brothers.Boran Alp!Where to?We re going to chase. Bayhoca Osman Bey has given you an undertaking, hasn’t he9Where did you concocted that?This chase looks likea changed huntThis kid is searching for trouble.God, secure him.Bayhoca.

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